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RIP Little Lanfear

Little Lanfear was a fighter. I first thought she was going to die back in November. She had a huge tumor, and she had somehow cut it, and her sister and mom had just died….but she made it.
She even gnawed off the tumor a few times, while I wasn’t looking! Not that I could really stop her…she tended to do whatever it was she wanted to do, and no amount of trying to scare her would stop her. She was a complete badass.
Hell, less than a week ago, she was still kicking the asses of anyone who stole her peanuts. You see, mice really like peanuts, so we would give them peanuts as a treat sometimes. But mice aren’t too perceptive, and would often fight over a single peanut when there were many other peanuts in the nearby areas, or, more often, one would just grab the peanut out of the other’s mouth and try to walk away with it. Some mousies would let it go, but not Lanfear. She’d chase after that mousie and grab that peanut right back, and there was nothing that would stop her from getting that peanut back!
Even at the end she was a fighter…. she seemed to like the dark better than the light, so we had her under this little hidie thing (they like to hide under them when they sleep). She was barely able to move. When I woke up this morning (I tried to sit vigil with her, but there was a chance I was going to need to drive this morning, so I couldn’t) she had managed to crawl out from under there. She wanted to leave in the open air.
She was buried in a heart-shaped box this morning next to her sister and her mom. The ground was cold, but we managed to get down deep enough.
Goodbye Lanfear. You were my sniffler, always sniffling around, investigating everything, leaving no tube unexplored. You brought unmeasurable amounts of happiness to me, and I will forever miss you. You will never be able to be replaced. I love you Lanfear. Enjoy the mousie afterlife! ❤ ❤
Excuse me while I go lose my shit in an attempt to be ready for work today. Because I sure as hell am not going to be able to get through it in my current state.


The Mousie Afterlife

Once upon a time ago, I had two mice. Padawan and Asmodean (or Asmo, for short). Then Asmodean ended up being male, Padawan became a mother, and for a while, there was uncertainty about how I would take care for all the mousies.
Eventually, friends and family took care of some of them, and the other ones went to a pet store that sold pet mice and feed mice separate, and I ended up with six mice.
Padawan, Ghost, Lanfear, Bastilla, Crackmouse, and Arya.
Ghostie died one night unexpectedly. She had had a few seizures, but she hadn’t had one in over a month. We thought she had been doing better. We were quite upset.
Padawan died 24 hours later. Seriously. I came home from work, and was worried I was having dejavu, because I went to the mousie tank, like I always do, and she was laying in almost the exact same position,in almost the exact same part of the tank, almost exactly 24 hours after I had found Ghostie (I had gotten out of work the same time both nights). Padawan, however, had a big scary tumor, so her death wasn’t completely unexpected. However, she had seemed fine up until that day, so we had thought we’d have some more time with her.
It was hard to have two mice die within 24 hours of each other. Especially the ones that did. Padawan had been the mommy mouse, and I had had her the longest. And Ghostie had been the runt of the litter, and the only grey and white mousie out of both litters that Padawan had. She was my secret favorite. I would reach in and pet her, and she would let me pet her a few times before running away, unlike the other mice, who would like to bite me if I got too close. So Boyfriend and I made up a story. Either though neither of us is religious, or believes in an afterlife for humans, we made up a mousie afterlife. The mousie afterlife was a pretty sweet place for mouses. They could have all sorts of adventures they couldn’t have while they were alive, because now they didn’t have to worry about any sorts of predators or dying or anything. And we decided that our mice would be circumnavigating the world in a little mousie sized ship. And when a mousie died, they’d wake up on the ship. And instead of being upset about dying, they’d be happy to see their family members they hadn’t seen in a while. And they wouldn’t hurt anymore and be happy and no more tumors ever again.
I write about the mousie afterlife…because I fear that Lanfear will soon be joining them. She has barely moved since last night. She has trouble righting herself. She seems weak and…I just think she’s not long for this world. She’s had tumors, started having them soon after Padawan did, but while Padawan died quickly, Lanfear has been fine for a long time. Hell, she even chewed off her tumors once or twice when I wasn’t there to soothe her. I joked that she would outlive all the other mice, and hell, I half started to believe that myself. She was beast….but she’s taken a sharp turn downhill. And she may surprise me…but I’m not holding my breath. I’m gonna lose my shit…already losing my shit but I’ve got work and I can’t call out and I’m not sure how well I’m going to be able to keep it together. We love you Little Lanfear, and hope that you somehow have a miraculous recovery, but, if not, we hope your passing is as painless as possible, and that you have a great time with your mom and sister in the mousie afterlife.

So, I have a confession (that should come as no surprise to anyone who knows be at least somewhat well): I love comic books. Like, to an almost frightening degree.
One of my favorite characters is Batgirl. What’s not to love? Strong, young, independent girlie who isn’t drawn completely ridiculous(Usually, anyways…there are always the ridiculous outliers, but most of them are okay). She’s got stuff going on in her life (especially the current Batgirl…she was recently paralyzed, her mom came back into her life…I haven’t read the new issue yet, no one spoiler me!) Good female superheroes are hard to find these days. Look at the reboot of Starfire, if you don’t believe me. And even more, she’s currently being written by my favorite female comic book writer Gail Simone, so of course I have to get it! Gotta support the female characters and writers I want. Vote with your dollar. All that jazz. Hope DC eventually knocks off their crap…
I also need a new pair of shoes, because my current pair is a $15 pair I bought at payless a few months ago because the ones I had were falling apart and I needed some cheap shoes to do me for work until I was able to afford another pair..
Then I found these:
Batgirl converse
The picture links to the site where they’re being sold. And you’ll likely see the only thing preventing me from buying them: The $60 price tag.
But I really really want them. They’ll last a lot longer than my current shoes (Almost any shoes will outlive my current shoes. But I had a pair of converse once. They lasted for a long time. I think I outgrew them, actually..) And every time I looked at my shoes, my heart would leap with glee. Not only does a badass like Batgirl exist, but she would be on my shoes, looking at me, telling me that I too could kick some ass, if only I set my mind to it….
Anyone want to randomly buy these for me? I’d love you forever. I’d buy them myself, but I’ve really got to save money for going back to school. Who knows what the aid situation will be, or if I’ll be able to transfer jobs if necessary, or anything like that. Buying $60 shoes is not conducive to saving money for school. Not actually expecting anyone to take me up on that offer, but it’s worth a shot. I really REALLY want these shoes. Really really REALLY REALLY want these shoes. And I’m not the type that gets all worked up about shoes all that often….
More interesting post to come later tonight! I promise! I just need to somehow distract myself enough to not buy these shoes….

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