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Can someone please just pay me to lay in bed and not do anything but sleep? And make it so that I only ever have to engage society through the internet, and on my terms?

‘Cause that’s all I really want to do these days. Strange, it’s spring, I’m wearing shorts, usually that’s enough to make me happy. Although, I ~DID~ miss my big huge usual winter slump….

Here’s to hoping things get happier soon. ‘Cause I’ve got a lot of other stuff I need to do. Don’t have time to schedule wallowing in. :-/


Those of you who read the note on my facebook can just skip this. And no, I don’t want to add you on facebook if I never met you. So don’t ask, plz?

So, I woke up early for my class that morning, and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I decided to internet. One of the many things I had to do that morning was to figure out the route on the T that I was going to take to get to my friend’s dorm (I was going to Boston tonight, and visiting a friend). I had my finger over the screen, looking for the stop my friend told me to get off at. I had found it, and was about to put my finger down…


I screamed and shut my laptop, and walked out of my room. My roomie had heard me yelling, and asked if I had been practicing kung fu, lol. I calmed down enough so that I wasn’t shaking, and then I went into my room, and grabbed my laptop, not knowing if it was covered with spider guts or if the bloody thing escaped….

I brought it to my kitchen table, and carefully opened it, being careful with the sides because the fucker could be right at the edge trying to get out…..

I opened it, he escaped down to my kitchen floor. I grabbed a shoe, screamed “DIE MOTHERFUCKER DIE!!!” and beat him with it, repeatedly, until it was more than dead, while my roomie watched on…

My laptop was sitting on my bed when the spider crawled across it. That means there was a spider on my bed. Ugh. EW EW EW EW EW!!! I’m not your typical girlie girl. Most bugs don’t bother me. Cover me with your average, run-of-the-mill garden worms, and as long as I know they’re not going to get inside me, I’m fine. But spiders? Even daddy long legs make me scream with fear and flee. I honestly think it’s the legs…they’re all long, and sinister, and spindley….**shudders**

So, I had hoped it wasn’t a bad omen for my trip. It wasn’t. I did get sick soon after getting back though, so….**shrug** Not that I really believe in omens, but it’s still fun to talk about…

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