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WTF Wednesday, I’ve-been-having-a-hard-time-with-life-so-give-me-a-break edition!

First, police brutality WTF:


So, I can’t speak for the actions of the first guy. All I can say is that at the point the video cuts in, he’s clearly already handcuffed, and being kicking and having the shit kicked out of him. But the second guy? He had voluntarily gone to the ground, when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, a cop fucking tackles him, and another cop starts kicking him…. seriously, WTF? WTF is wrong with these people? Assaulting someone is assaulting someone, whether the person doing the assaulting has a shiny badge or not.

Next, why-would-you-do-that WTF:


Bobby and Henock were brought to this pastor by their stepmother, who said she believes her stepsons are witches and claimed the boys were stealing their stepsister’s blood and using it to fly at night. Pointing to Henock, whose left arm is covered in bandages, she said that, in the “spirit world,” he is an elderly man who injured himself while trying to kill his father. The boys’ father was not present; he was out of town on work and apparently unaware of the ceremony.

In a small, squeaky voice, Bobby said that family members had told him he and his brother were infected with witchcraft after eating bread and green beans their older brother gave them.

Tshombe’s denunciation appeared to have traumatized the boys, who were barely responsive.

Accusing children of witchcraft and performing brutal “exorcisms” while charging an arm and leg for it? Really, that’s a new low…

Next, army wtf:


Apparently, the army thinks wikileaks is a national security risk. Heh.

Lt. Col. Lee Packnett, an Army spokesman, confirmed that the report was real. Julian Assange, the editor of WikiLeaks, said the concerns the report raised were hypothetical.

“It did not point to anything that has actually happened as a result of the release,” Mr. Assange said. “It contains the analyst’s best guesses as to how the information could be used to harm the Army but no concrete examples of any real harm being done.”

Because the terrorists obsessively check wikileaks? Also, I was given the impression that the information was old, even if a bit of it was classified…

Next, Palin WTF (I know it’s usually too easy, but it caused be to get into a long protracted debate about anarchy :- ) ):


WTF number 1: The article is just like, “Eh, no biggie. Doesn’t matter that someone who was actively trying to be vice president a little bit ago, is drawing crosshairs on a map.

WTF number 2: SHE PUT CROSSHAIRS ON A MAP!!  HOW IS THIS OKAY? I don’t care that she’s a republican, I just don’t think it’s cool that she did this, even though, in case you don’t know, there’s been a rash of bricks thrown with threatening messages through windows at various different democratic headquarters, and someone posted a representative’s address online, and later thgat night, someone cut the gas line to that house (and it turned out the representative didn’t even leave there…) and just threatening messages in general.  She HAS to know she’s just adding fuel to the fire. Ugh!

Say what you want about the health care bill. For it, against it, whatever you want, but but as soon as you start being violent, or threatening violence, I have an issue…

That’s it for this week’s post. I’ve got about 3 posts I want to power through, so I’m keeping this one short. Night!


So, I told you all I’d tell you about my class. I’ve had two classes now, but I’ll separate them, for my own sake. It’ll make it easier to deal with.

So…here’s how this post is gonna work. I’m gonna talk about my ideas on the class so far, and then I’m gonna get on with posting my assignment.

So…the class so far is cool. The one chat I’ve been to so far (I had internet problems while the second one was occuring) was interesting, but the chat itself was laggy. But, that’s not the class’s fault, it’s the software’s fault. I like it so far. It’s like a regular class, except we meet in a chat room instead of in person. I listen to the lectures on youtube like I would a lecture for a professor (although, I admit, I pay attention more to this than my irl professors. I get to rewind and re-listen, whereas in person, there is no rewind button…) I submit my coursework online, as I do with some of my classes. And I get graded on my work like I do with my classes, although the grading is a bit different. There’s unsatisfactory, satisfactory, and honors.

So so far, it’s all good. Hopefully this’ll help me get more confident about expressing my views, instead of sitting and passively listening to people.  I said a few things in the first chat, but with the lag and people typing and all, I was getting bits and pieces of a bajillion different convos, so it was a bit difficult, especially because the chat would scroll back down to the bottom whenever someone said something.

Okay, so I need to give you background. My assignment was to read pages 1-15 in the book The Market For Liberty (PDF link), watch lecture 1 (that’s a link to their youtube channel…it’s like…4 or 5 parts long, if you really want to check it out, it’s pretty cool) and then write a 500-600 word response paper on the prompt: What is aggression? How can we distinguish between aggression and other kinds of undesirable influence? Oooohhh, daunting, said the Momo, but she was up to the challange!

Before I post this, in my defense: I wrote this after a long day of classes and work. I was running purely on caffeine at that point, so…yeah. Take that for what you will….

Response Paper 1

What is aggression? According to the Tannehills, aggression is “…to initiate (that is, to start) the use of physical force, the threat of force, or any substitute for force (such as fraud) against any other man or group of men. This means that no man, no gang, and no government may morally use force in even the smallest degree against even the most unimportant individual so long as that individual has not himself initiated force.” That is, basically, that aggression is the initiation or threat of initiation of violence against a person, and does not include self-defense under their definition of aggression.

I essentially agree with these ideas.  I also feel as though aggression is not self-defense. If someone initiates violence towards you, I feel as though you have a right to defend yourself though. However, I disagree with their assertion that one has a moral obligation to defend one’s self. There are many moral reasons, I feel, for not defending one’s self against violence. For example, someone could agree with the reason that violence is being visited upon him or her. Say¸ for instance, my schizophrenic sister had a psychotic episode, and during it, she attacked me. I would never be able to harm my little sister, physically because she is built like a tank, and spiritually because I love my little sister, and would prefer to help care for her. So I would not try to defend myself if I were in that particular situation, beyond dodging any particular facts, because for me to do so would be to violate an important moral belief that I have, being that I love my family members and I would rather have harm come upon me than come upon them.

The Tannehills in the book also go over how man’s nature makes it so that no one can live for/run  life for another person, due to it being impossible to make another human being to think, or to do his thinking for him. I think trying to do so would be a bit different from aggression, and instead, would be classified as another type of “undesirable influence”. In trying to make another person think, you are not holding a gun against his or her head, screaming, “Learn this, or we’ll kill you family!” Indeed, intentionally, that picture looks somewhat ridiculous. Visiting violence upon someone for not learning is, at least, in my experience, something that is not common. I feel threatening someone to learning would be counter-productive in many cases, not the least in situations where a person has performance anxiety, or a person who considers outwitting authority to be a fun and interesting challenge. Also, since it’s well known that you can’t control someone’s mind (for example, when people talk about things with “a mind of their own”, they’re talking about something that does other than what is desired of it, recognizes the impossibility of being able to control someone else’s mind) the person who would be threatening you to learn would likely at least suspect, if they did not already know, that failure would soon follow.  Since I do not believe that violence is rarely learned to try to make people learn (with the exception of truancy boards, which, I think we can all agree, public school is not really learning, it’s more like a happy little government indoctrination camp with forced attendance unless you live in a home-schooling friendly state), I think then logically follows that it cannot be violence.

Reading through it makes me wince. That’s why we don’t leave papers for the wee hours of the morning the night before. So many ways I could have made this better….

Here’s my prof’s response (my name changed to my internet name):

Hi, Momo,

What’s most interesting, of course, is your view, not that of the Tannehills.

It’s important that you distinguish between wrongs that are and wrongs that aren’t aggressive: this is a really crucial distinction that I wish the Tannehills emphasized more.

I agree completely about the silliness of the Tannehills claim about the wrongness of not defending oneself.

Grade: Satisfactory

There are three grades. Unsatisfactory, Satisfactory, and Honors. So I got an okay grade. I wasn’t really expecting honors. Especially not when I’m a bit of an “anarchy newbie” and others in the class are…not quite newbies so much? :-p

As long as I get at least a satisfactory in the class, I’m happy. I’d be thrilled if I got an honors, but I just don’t know if that’s in me. I’ve got other coursework to do, and a job to work at to support myself, and…yeah. But we’ll see….


FTW Friday, people-changing-clocks-makes-me-miss-anarchy-class-chat-edition!

(I woke up, looked at the clock, it said 10, so I figured, hey, can’t actually be 10, that clock is an hour fast…and then it turns out someone had fixed it >_<

First of, Anti-drug ftw!

I haven’t watched this yet (my boyfriend and I wanna watch it together, so I need to wait for him) but I’ve scrolled through it a bit and…boy is it lulzy-looking.

From Wikipedia:

Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue is an animated drug prevention television special starring many of the popular cartoon characters from American Saturday morning television. Financed by McDonald’s, the special was originally simulcast on April 21, 1990 on all three major American television networks: ABC, NBC, and CBS, most independent stations, as well as cable networks Nickelodeon and USA Network. McDonald’s also distributed a VHS home video edition of the special, produced by Buena Vista Home Entertainment, which opened with an introduction from then-President George H. W. Bush, and First Lady Barbara Bush.

With a description like that, how could this not be so-terrible-it’s-awesomesauce?

Next: Baby win!


I get what she’s trying to do. Cool.

Next: Game win!


I might have posted this before, but regardless, it’s pretty awesome.  Try it in night mode for an extra challange 🙂

Lastly: Save the animals win!


From their website:

50% of women do not leave abusive situations for fear her pet will be injured or killed. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (, there were 113,123 reported cases of domestic violence and 180 domestic-violence related homicides in Florida in 2008. Women and children should not have to leave their pet(s) behind.
The goal of Animal Safehouse is to remove this barrier by caring for pets while owners are in transition. Our objective is to form a network of foster families to provide homes for pets of domestic violence survivors until they can be reunited in a safe living environment. We provide all food, supplies, vet care, and other essentials throughout their stay with us. We also help women reunite with their animals post-shelter by assisting with pet deposits and transport (we even shipped a dog to Oregon once).

I think this is a great idea. Domestic violence victims have enough trouble leaving abusive situations, they shouldn’t have to worry about their pets getting hurt/killed as well. This is the first I’ve heard of such a place, and I heartily support it! I wish I wasn’t a poor college student, or I’d donate some moneez…

Anyways, lovelies, I must be going. Got some work I need to get done tonight. Ta! ♥


WTF WEDNESDAY, Holy-shit-am-I-actually-on-time edition!

First, gross wtf!


I purchased a Happy Meal, not to eat, but to observe and blog about. Yes, I bought a Happy Meal and then placed it on my office shelf, right behind me and my computer. It sat on my shelf for a year as a silent witness to our fast food industry.

Spoiler alert: It doesn’t really change all that much. It gets a bit dried out, but doesn’t smell bad or anything. Gross! I can’t believe we put that shit into our bodies! Ugh!

Next, Texas WTF (although I’m beginning to feel like that’s me being redundant at this point)


I’m gonna paraphrase here, and list the bolded proposed changes. The supposed “reasoning” (if you can call it that) and a few more minor points at the link:

– A greater emphasis on “the conservative resurgence of the 1980s and 1990s.”

– A reduced scope for Latino history and culture.

– Changes in specific terminology.

– A more positive portrayal of Cold War anticommunism.

– Language that qualifies the legacy of 1960s liberalism.

– Thomas Jefferson no longer included among writers influencing the nation’s intellectual origins.

– Excision of recent third-party presidential candidates Ralph Nader (from the left) and Ross Perot (from the centrist Reform Party).

– A recommendation to include country and western music among the nation’s important cultural movements.

These changes would affect up to 80% of the textbooks sold across the country. You see, Texas is big. It has a lot of people in it. Textbook companies knows that more people = more textbooks, more textbooks = more money…**sigh** Come on Cali, do some crazy changes the other way! Textbook companies won’t know what to do, and they’ll stay the way they are, or something like that. Just…ugh! If the dominant textbooks are changed in that manner…. THEY WANT TO LEAVE OUT JEFFERSON FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! WTF?!?!

Next, prostitution WTF:


I really just posted this for the second to last line:

A prostitute is more likely to have sex with a police officer than to get officially arrested by one.


Next; Border WTF!


The situation came to a head recently when a local man was arrested while walking down a street he said that he has walked down for years without a problem.”I walked over to Canada on a Saturday night around quarter to nine to get a pizza,” Buzz Roy explained. Roy lives and works in Derby Line. He walked down Church Street to the nearest pizza shop, which happens to be in Canada, and said that to his surprise he was stopped by state police and told that crossing on Church Street is illegal.

**sighs** It’s illegal to walk down the street to get a pizza because of an imaginary line on a piece of paper. Great.

With 1 minute to spare! Enjoy!

BTW, Prince is disgusted with your shenanigans! (Edit: Apparently wordpress and gifs don’t always play nice. If it doesn’t move for you, click on it!)

So, Dr. Q and I have been playing Majora’s Mask recently, and we’ve found some pretty awesome screenshots. Here’s some of the more funny ones:

deku shrub private propertyEven in video games, they won’t let you abuse private property…except they’ll let you into people’s houses and allow you to break their vases and steal their money and other various objects you might want to use **giggle** The only reason why this was different, I think, was so that they could throw in something to do (fetch quest, fetch quest, lalalalalala)

mailman scheduleEven in video games, bureaucrats are still silly and stupid. “Maybe I can schedule fleeing between my 3 pm meeting and 4 pm delivery…” **giggle**

mailman freeThe mayor’s wife set him free, so he could flee! See how much happier being your own boss can make you?

keaton trainingAh, keaton, how condescending you are when I answer your questions wrong :-p

dicksThey’re kinda condescending in general, actually. “You don’t get it, but you might as well do it anyways. These are grown up matters!”

Exhibit 2Exhibit 2

Bunny hoodThis was just too lulzy to pass up. We had to! I think one of the other screens here was about “grown up matters” or it not making much sense to you, funnily enough, but the screen grab didn’t work. Oh wells.

Oh, drama in the game! This shit is INTENSE!

“You are our master!”…you taught them a dance, so they bow to you, and you’re they’re “master”.  **sighs and facepalms**

This made me sad. 😦 This happens after you steal his room, so he can’t use it. Apparently, you both have the same name, so it’s not that hard to do, but it still made me feel guilty…

Aw, they is cute and lovey!This made me happy though. Cute love-y sea horses!

Maybe there will be more as we continue playing. I just wanted to dump these, for teh lulz

Also, people should join this facebook group I found, because it’s fucking awesome:

I hate it when the moon falls down, destroying the Earth 😦


FTW Friday, I-had-a-lot-of-work-to-do-yesterday edition!

First, (and I think his will be the only time in the near future I will type this)…MILITARY WIN


To come clean, AAFES has been using pogs – 1.5-inch polystyrene discs, for those who don’t recall the 90’s fad – as currency on military bases in Afghanistan and Iraq since 2001. Putting Marvel super heroes on the pogs in June 2008 simply made the program a little bit cooler.

“We can’t print money,” said Dr. Jim Skibo, VP of Marketing and Advertising for the AAFES. “[And] we will not ship coinage into the warzone. It costs a small fortune to ship stuff like that, so we use [the pogs] as gift certificates.”

Lulz. To quote my awesome friend Steph, “That means, if I ever join the military, I’ll be rich!!!! And dead. Mostly dead.” My sentiments exactly…

Next: Pro-drug FTW!

Ah, so much win in this video. A few of the “WIN!” quotes:

“I have a PhD in science, and I know more than you!”

“I just went to a rave last week and got totally blotto!” (on a side note: I’ve never heard of the term blotto. Is it a real term people actually use? I just feel like I would have heard it by now….)

“It is important to remember that drug testing has NOTHING to do with job performance!” (Can I get an amen sister!)

” ‘Oh no Dr. Burke!’, you whine, ‘I am too scared to truly open my mind, and will only smoke reefer. Is there anything I can do?’ Yes, there is, silly boy” (hahahaha, epic!)

“Why indeed?”

Next: Game FTW!

Clickie clickie

Flash game called Ninja Ball. It’s like the escape rope in worms, but an ENTIRE GAME based around it. At one point, someone I know had the top score on this, but it’s been a while, and I forget their screen name, so I don’t know if they still hold it. Yes, you will waste your time endlessly. You’re welcome! 🙂

See you all later

Okay, so, Dr. Q, being the awesome amazing guy that he is, enrolled me in an anarchism class. Basically, it’s intro to anarchy, which I think will be beneficial to me. I hang around with a whole bunch of anarchists, so I’d like to have some grounding in it so that I can participate in a conversation with my friends whenever the topic switches to it, which, knowing my friends, is quite often :-p. I’ve thought about trying to read all the books necessary to be able to “know the topic”, as it were, yet there are many many books, and I’ve gotten conflicting answers from some people, and certain authors **coughcough** who shall remain nameless I couldn’t even get halfway through, not due to their ideas, which I thought were fine, but the way the author presented it reminded me of an arrogant fuckwad. I had even joked around with my friends, “Oh, yeah, just wait until I can have an anarchism class, then you all would be owned!”….and then an anarchism class was offered. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep my side of the argument…

Anyways, why am I telling you all this? Well you get to have more posts from me now! Each week, we have to write 500-600 words about whatever topic is assigned that week. I am going to post these critiques every Friday after I pass them in, as well as talk about the class. Why? Because I can. So that I can force myself to keep a record of this, so that I don’t forget where I’ve been, once I get where I’m going! I want to be able to chart my growth. My first paper…I feel like I’m only kind of toddling. It’s kinda sad, because the other people in my class seem like they’re already at a run (they might have known stuff about it before…probably did, considering who is holding the class…)…but I plan to try to catch up to them by the end of the class.

So, we’ll see what happens. I’ll post the critique later tonight, after I have a chance to edit it a bit for clarification…


WTF Wednesday, back-to-business edition!

First, I-want-to-puke-WTF


I watched this and…just….horrible.  Dr Q. showed it to me earlier, and…..well, it’s horrible. For those of you who don’t want to watch the video, here’s what happens: This cop sees this guy standing around at a late hour, decides he’s suspicious, goes after the guy, the guy takes off on a bike, and the cop chases him in the car. Cop ends up running the poor kid over.

…there are just no words. Usually, I just shrug off stories like this. Well, shrug off is not the right term, really. It made me a bit sad, but there really wasn’t anything I could do, I thought, so I just tried to get on with it as best as I could.

But this? This is unbelievable. RUNNING OVER SOMEONE WITH  COP CAR??? And it looked like it was on purpose, too, not that it being accidental would make it any bet. Just…horrible. Unbelievable.

Even my friends who have seen it who are okay with the govt and think it’s a good thing found this upsetting and disturbing. Just…how could this be okay? Seriously? I don’t understand how people can just rationalize away, “Oh, the cops did it, so it must be okay!” How does someone having a shiny piece of metal (A badge) make them any less culpable for murder? Because that’s what it is. Murder.  He killed a person. KILLED. For what? Standing outside a construction site? How does that make the person deserving of death? How does that justify running someone over?

I….should go on to another WTF, or I’ll just go on all day and get more and more upset…

Confusing WTF:

…what? @_@



Wow. I’ve seen bad fics in my day, but….wow. Reminds me of something I’d write back in 8th grade, except even then my shit was better :-p

Here’s a sample

Hi my name is Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way and I have long ebony black hair (that’s how I got my name) with purple streaks and red tips that reaches my mid-back and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Amy Lee (AN: if u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Gerard Way but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a vampire but my teeth are straight and white. I have pale white skin. I’m also a witch, and I go to a magic school called Hogwarts in England where I’m in the seventh year (I’m seventeen). I’m a goth (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly black. I love Hot Topic and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a black corset with matching lace around it and a black leather miniskirt, pink fishnets and black combat boots. I was wearing black lipstick, white foundation, black eyeliner and red eye shadow. I was walking outside Hogwarts. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. A lot of preps stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.

“Hey Ebony!” shouted a voice. I looked up. It was…. Draco Malfoy!


Okay, that was mean, but…I don’t care.  I’ve got a headache, so I’m feeling a bit cranky.

I am going to leave you all now, because I just realized I forgot to hit post before I went to sleep. Love you all, stay safe!


I’ve decided that I want to make some posts first to just generally tell you what I think about stuff.

This is not based off of any particular incident. I’ve been meaning to write an entry about this for a while. No particular sparking off point. And I refer to “god” as he in this post, but I know some religions view “god” as being female, or non-gendered, or have multiple “gods”. I’m just using he for ease of use.  And I’m not speaking for all atheists here, just myself.

Okay, so I’m not that big on religion.

I consider myself to be an atheist. No, I don’t consider that to be a religion. I just try not to believe things without proof (I am only human, and so therefore am not perfect)

I don’t hate religion. Worship and praise and pray and what have you all you will, for whatever religion you will. As soon as you start hurting people (human sacrifice = not cool, man) or trying to shove it down my throat, or legislate with your religious beliefs (I don’t care if your religion doesn’t approve of homosexuality, that’s not a reason to vote against. Separation of church and state, hello? And that’s assuming that laws are good and valid, but that’s a different post), I start having an issue. Keep your god-talk to yourselves..

I am tired of people telling me I am going to hell. I don’t think hell exists, so you threatening me with it doesn’t really bother me. It’s like telling me if I don’t go to sleep, the boogie man will get me! As far as I’m concerned, both are an attempt to get me to change my behavior by invoking some imaginary scary figure 🙂

Yes, I do, in fact, have morals. Morals don’t have to come from religion. I’m not even going to debate this with you. I just don’t do to other people what I wouldn’t want done to myself, ’cause I’m not a dick. I don’t want someone killing me, so I don’t try to kill them. There’s your thou shalt not kill. 😉 I look at the facts, and I try to do the best I can with what I do, and what I think is right and wrong.

Let’s see, other stereotypes I wish to confront…I don’t eat babies. I actually think babies are pretty cool. They’re adorable, cute, and easily amused, and they’re portable! The whole crying thing is kinda obnoxious, but, hey, no one’s perfect! I even hope to have one of my own some day.

No, I am not afraid of what happens to me when I die. I think I’ll just cease to be conscious, and that’s it. I think it’ll just be like going to sleep…

I might as well enjoy my life while I’m living, instead of restricting myself in fear that there’s some guy up there who will condemn me to an eternity of suffering. Guy sounds like a dick with a huge ego to me.”Believe in me, and only me, or you are condemned to eternal damnation” isn’t a very nice thing to say. If he created us, and cared enough to THROW PEOPLE INTO ETERNAL HELLFIRE, why didn’t he just make us all love him? Fuck that shit, man, I’d rather go down to hell than deal with an ass like that and the kind of people he would inevitable collect around him. I like to think that if god somehow exists, he’d accept people regardless of what their religious beliefs are, but based on whether they tried to live a good life while they were alive…or hell, just accept everyone as they are. He is supposedly all loving, isn’t he?

Anyways, I can’t really think of any other stereotypes. Again, I don’t claim to speak for all athiests, just myself. atheists are people just like everyone else, and so have a diverse range of opinions on everything. Their only for-sure common thread is that they don’t believe in god. Any questions? Leave ’em in the comments. I promise to answer all questions, and not delete any of them but spam. Go ahead, I don’t bite….hard….

Hello all!

So, I kinda disappeared for a while. Where did I go, you might be wondering? (or more likely than not, NOT wondering, since I don’t think enough people read this that I had a following…)

I decided that I was gonna stop with the WTF and FTW posts until I got to make a “real” post. One of those is coming along like…within a minute or two or so after this post.

I didn’t warn you all because I didn’t expect it to be this long. But school and life got in the way. But I got those under control, so hopefully now we can resume normal blog functioning. Thanks for sticking with me!

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