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I don’t know how coherent and understandable this post will be. I’m under a lot of emotional stress right now, and am actually sobbing as I write this. Normally, when I’m sobbing, I like to go lay down.

Last night, I found the males hiding on the female side of the tank…and I figured out how they were climbing, so I moved the water bottle they had been using, and put them back on their side…

Asmodean decided he didn’t like them there, and started terrorizing them. I thought he was just being a dick, like he almost always is…he has a tendency to bite me with no good reason (I have reason to believe he might be trying to play, though…) and he tries to rape other mice who are seriously trying to run away (I don’t use the word rape lightly…that’s seriously what it looked like…)…but then the two little ones started in on each other too! 😦

So, basically, my male mice are all trying to kill each other. I can’t afford another tank. I can barely afford to feed the little squeakers as it is… but this is rough. Either let them kill each other, to take them to the pet store to be snake food…I’m pretty sure Asmodean is a bit too big to be snake food though. But if there’s a big snake…but yeah. I don’t know what to do with them. Which is worse…possible death or mutilation of the mice by the mice, or possible death by snake? Of course, it could also end up with possible loving home by person…if I take them to the pet store, that is what I shall convince myself…

I can’t handle the squeaks of pain. At least two of them, if not all three of them, are going to the pet store…..and I’m going to recheck the females for balls, because if there are still males there, I’ve got to get them gone now too. I can’t have mice killing each other. I can’t handle the squeaks of pain. And I can’t handle doing this again, if I discover males….and oh god, what am I going to do when the babies are old enough…I’ll have to get rid of the males, again, I guess. No pregnancy woes, I guess. It’s sad, because I prefer the males. They play more, are more interested in exploring if you get them out of the tank…I gave two of them to my little sister, and they like climbing up her shirt and hanging out on her shoulder. Mousie parrot, she calls it.

I named them while I was at my mom’s for Thanksgiving. Ishamael and Sammael, in keeping with the Asmodean trend (All were named after Forsaken from the Wheel of Time books). Now they have names I have to say goodbye to…..

What a horrible day it’s going to be…



My birthday was  back in May. At the time, my boyfriend promised me mice, and all the stuff to set up their habitat. But we needed to wait for the right time.  We were going to be moving at the end of the month, and then there was moving around for work and such. But over the summer, we were finally able to get them. YAY!

I have two of them. Asmodean is black and white, and was named after one of the Forsaken in the Wheel of Time books. Padawan is kinda light brownish, and was originally named Bastilla, after the character in Knights of the Old Republic, but her name got switched to Padawan because it seemed to fit better. Sometimes she’s still called Bastilla, though. :-p

So, I bought them, thinking they were both female. They were both in the female tank, after all. I picked them myself, after much thought and deliberation and switching back and forth, trying to pick the bestest two mice!

Asmodean ended up being a dude. All of a sudden, one day, BAM! Mouse testicles.

The conversation went a bit like this:

Me: Boyfriend, come here! Asmodean has giant mouse balls!

Boyfriend: …yep. Those look like gigantic mouse balls. Fuck.

The really “funny” bit? The character Asmodean was named after was a male. And then Asmodean ended up being a dude mouse. **sighs and shakes fist at the sky** Really now?

So, I brought them back to the pet store, to see if Asmodean was actually a boy, and see what I could do. They offered to take Asmodean and exchange him for a female mouse. But that wasn’t okay! I had had them for at least a month at that point. I had bonded with them. No money off of a new tank so that I could keep them separated. No money off of getting mice to keep them company. They didn’t want to help me. And they gave me mean looks because I was crying at the prospect of maybe having to give up one of my mice, who I loved and named and bonded with. They really didn’t care that due to their mistake, I was either going to have to spend a lot of money or do something very emotionally upsetting. Boyfriend and my friend Zrad who were with me saw how upset I was, and they took me out of the store, and told me we’d figure out some other way. They saw me sobbing in the middle of the store, heard and saw how mean the people were being, and decided that they weren’t going to let me go through that.

So, we decided to use this metal mesh stuff to cut the tank in half. At first, I thought it was a brilliant idea. They would still be able to see and interact with each other, but and they’re have something to climb, to give them extra recreation time, but they’d be kept separate, so no mouse hanky-panky. But that didn’t work. First, they figured out how to climb to the top and push the lid up JUST enough to slide over. So I put heavy stuff on the top. Then they started repeatedly eating away at the tape that I had used to secure the mesh stuff. Then I managed to stuff some stuff in there that was too thick for them to chew through….and then I found them the next morning cuddling. I STILL don’t know how that one happened…the barriers were still in place, with super heavy things on top to keep them from climbing over. I just don’t know.

So, due to my inability to keep them separated…and the fact that they were showing signs on stress (overgrooming, barely playing at all, decreased food intake…) I took out the mesh. They either didn’t have enough space on each side, or they were lonely. Maybe they would view each other as brother and sister, I thought.

On Thursday morning, I heard a bunch of squeaking, but I thought nothing of it. They squeak sometimes, it’s nothing TOO strange…except there was a lot of squeaking, almost constantly, and it was still going on when I came back from my interview (after 11:30 or so). I had a sinking feeling in my tummy, but I had to confirm. I tipped up the log where they tend to hide……and there were mouse babies. A LOT of babies.

I counted 9, but I had trouble. They were all in a little pile, moving around and squeaking, and I couldn’t touch them, ’cause otherwise Padawan would eat them. So I don’t know how accurate that count was. But there were at least nine, if not more. And as long as Padawan and Asmodean haven’t eaten any of them, that’s how many there still are.

The worst part? Asmodean is trying for a repeat! Padawan went to go get food, ’cause she was hungry. She had, after all, given birth, and spent almost the entire day awake (they’re nocturnal, mostly…). Before she was able to pick any food up…Asmodean was on top of her, thrusting…I tried yelling, “DUDE! What the fuck are you doing? She gave birth today! LOOK DOWN IN SHAME!!!!!”…but he didn’t listen. Ended up having to knock on the side of their tank, which made Padawan run and protect her babies. 😦

So, now I’m visiting my mom for the weekend, to get another tank. My mom has one in her basement, ’cause my current employment situation prohibits me from buying a new one (I quit the horrible job, more later…) . Gonna separate them once I get home. I’m going to keep one of the male babies and one of the female babies, because the mice are social creatures and will get stressed if going for too long without friends. I mean, I COULD hypothetically devote hours and hours of time to each of them to keep them company, but added on top of how much I already try to play with them… I wouldn’t have time for anything else! I already have to throw away some of their food, ’cause they shit in their food and it gets too nasty before they finish it, so it’s not like it’ll take more food..

If anyone in the New Hampshire area wants a little baby mouse (or two…or more!), let me know, and maybe we can work something out once they’re old enough. My friends get first dibs, though 😉

But, I must go spend some time with my mommy now. Ta!

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