So, I have a confession (that should come as no surprise to anyone who knows be at least somewhat well): I love comic books. Like, to an almost frightening degree.
One of my favorite characters is Batgirl. What’s not to love? Strong, young, independent girlie who isn’t drawn completely ridiculous(Usually, anyways…there are always the ridiculous outliers, but most of them are okay). She’s got stuff going on in her life (especially the current Batgirl…she was recently paralyzed, her mom came back into her life…I haven’t read the new issue yet, no one spoiler me!) Good female superheroes are hard to find these days. Look at the reboot of Starfire, if you don’t believe me. And even more, she’s currently being written by my favorite female comic book writer Gail Simone, so of course I have to get it! Gotta support the female characters and writers I want. Vote with your dollar. All that jazz. Hope DC eventually knocks off their crap…
I also need a new pair of shoes, because my current pair is a $15 pair I bought at payless a few months ago because the ones I had were falling apart and I needed some cheap shoes to do me for work until I was able to afford another pair..
Then I found these:
Batgirl converse
The picture links to the site where they’re being sold. And you’ll likely see the only thing preventing me from buying them: The $60 price tag.
But I really really want them. They’ll last a lot longer than my current shoes (Almost any shoes will outlive my current shoes. But I had a pair of converse once. They lasted for a long time. I think I outgrew them, actually..) And every time I looked at my shoes, my heart would leap with glee. Not only does a badass like Batgirl exist, but she would be on my shoes, looking at me, telling me that I too could kick some ass, if only I set my mind to it….
Anyone want to randomly buy these for me? I’d love you forever. I’d buy them myself, but I’ve really got to save money for going back to school. Who knows what the aid situation will be, or if I’ll be able to transfer jobs if necessary, or anything like that. Buying $60 shoes is not conducive to saving money for school. Not actually expecting anyone to take me up on that offer, but it’s worth a shot. I really REALLY want these shoes. Really really REALLY REALLY want these shoes. And I’m not the type that gets all worked up about shoes all that often….
More interesting post to come later tonight! I promise! I just need to somehow distract myself enough to not buy these shoes….