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Anarchy Class the Third

Is taxation theft? Why or why not?

Response Paper 3

Is taxation theft? Well, first, we must look at the word theft. I would define theft as taking the property of another as your own, or depriving the owner of that property full use of that property without his or her consent. The consent part is important. If I have a pen, and I let a friend borrow it, I cannot still use my pen. However, I do not believe that the pen was stolen, because I willingly let my friend borrow it, and am expecting to receive it back at a certain place and time. Well, if theft involves property, well what is property? Property is a “thing” that belongs to “you” exclusively. A “thing” could be anything, from a plant to a crayon to a house to a farm. You is not intended to be necessarily one “you”. I believe that there can feasibly be communal property. Say, for instance, someone wants to buy a house, but the person just does not have the money for whatever reason. I see no problem with the person pooling their money together with a friend or two, and them writing up a contract saying that they each own whatever percentage of the house/property and that if one person wants out, either he gets to “sell” his section of the property, or the other owners buy him out. However, I agree with the Tannehills on their idea about making sure that your property is properly marked, or that you in some feasible way make your claim known. Perhaps registering with an insurance company would seal the claim, however, I feel as though requiring insurance for possession to be a bit unfair, and almost like a tax.  However, if you own a large or strangely shaped piece of land, it could be quite difficult indeed to fence your claim. This is a problem I do not yet have an answer for, and am still thinking on. Now we finally come to, what is a tax? A tax is a mandatory fee charged by the government, supposedly for “services” that the government “provides”. Even if you don’t use said services, such as you don’t have a child, or that child goes to private school, or you don’t plan on cashing in on “social security” because you’ve got an amazing retirement plan, or you don’t approve of the police’s actions and want to hire a different one, you still have to pay the same full amount. In fact, some of the people who use the services most get a tax credit because of it, an example of which is that parents get tax credits for their children, yet their children could quite feasibly be using government funds for their public schooling. Therefore, yes, I think that a forced fee, on threat of violence, for services you may or may not receive, is theft.

Let us just pretend, for a moment, that you did, in fact, willingly hand over your hard-earned money to the government for the “services” they “give” to you. What happens if you are unsatisfied? Does the government give you a refund, say sorry, and see you on your way? No. The government keeps the money, tells you to fill out a complaint form (that may or may not be read, and, if it is read, it probably will not cause them to change anything because, due to their monopoly status, this is your only choice!), and you still will not ever see a cent of your money back. In a free market, I would avoid a company that provided such horrible service, and would make sure that a company I used, especially for things that are so important, offered a money-back guarantee.

I don’t think I got feedback on this one yet. And I’m dropping the class and just paying back my boyfriend the $25 he spent on it. I learned what I wanted to learn from it, and I just don’t have the time nor the energy for the response papers, never mind the huge paper I was going to have to write soon.


Okay, so, Dr. Q, being the awesome amazing guy that he is, enrolled me in an anarchism class. Basically, it’s intro to anarchy, which I think will be beneficial to me. I hang around with a whole bunch of anarchists, so I’d like to have some grounding in it so that I can participate in a conversation with my friends whenever the topic switches to it, which, knowing my friends, is quite often :-p. I’ve thought about trying to read all the books necessary to be able to “know the topic”, as it were, yet there are many many books, and I’ve gotten conflicting answers from some people, and certain authors **coughcough** who shall remain nameless I couldn’t even get halfway through, not due to their ideas, which I thought were fine, but the way the author presented it reminded me of an arrogant fuckwad. I had even joked around with my friends, “Oh, yeah, just wait until I can have an anarchism class, then you all would be owned!”….and then an anarchism class was offered. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep my side of the argument…

Anyways, why am I telling you all this? Well you get to have more posts from me now! Each week, we have to write 500-600 words about whatever topic is assigned that week. I am going to post these critiques every Friday after I pass them in, as well as talk about the class. Why? Because I can. So that I can force myself to keep a record of this, so that I don’t forget where I’ve been, once I get where I’m going! I want to be able to chart my growth. My first paper…I feel like I’m only kind of toddling. It’s kinda sad, because the other people in my class seem like they’re already at a run (they might have known stuff about it before…probably did, considering who is holding the class…)…but I plan to try to catch up to them by the end of the class.

So, we’ll see what happens. I’ll post the critique later tonight, after I have a chance to edit it a bit for clarification…

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