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So, I’ve been running Linux for the past while…Ubuntu specifically…
I installed Windows yesterday so that I could play game with boyfriend…
And then, while trying to make it so that I could boot into both, managed to mess up my windows install as well. So I had to wipe everything and start over again. Whoops…..put windows on first this time, so that it won’t kill the thing I need on the MBR to allow me to boot both…
But…I’ve gotten used to Linux apparently. Keep looking to the top for the time and the IM notifications, keep going to the side to open my programs…it makes me giggle.
Also, I am sick as a dog, and should be asleep, but instead cannot get back to sleep for the life of me. Job finding anxiety (happens whenever I’m unemployed…I just need to make sure I keep it in check which oftentimes doesn’t happen and it makes my job search a bajillion times harder) and general achey-ness.
I really wish I had a car. Not even a new car. Even a used up “shitbox car”, as I call them. I just want something that RUNS. Boyfriend and I have been looking at used cars, but have no idea what to look for. Neither one of us is really versed in cars. And our budget for such things is small. But, once I get a car, it would help with the job search? I’d already have a job if I had a car…I was essentially hired, but then found out it was too far away to walk because the person had been misrepresenting where they were located. So… any suggestions from anyone?
I’ve been on tumblr a lot recently. It’s pretty fun. If you want the URL, just ask. A lot of the stuff on there is feminism related, however, so fair warning…I’m up for debate, sometimes, as long as it’s not the tired old “OMG FEMINISTS HATE MEN AND NEVER SHAVE AND BURN THEIR BRAS AND ARE HORRIBLE!!!”. Because none of that is true. I don’t hate me. I’m pretty fine with people, regardless of their gender (or lack thereof). I try not to judge people on anything but how they act. If you’re a misogynistic guy, then yeah, I’m not gonna like you very much, but that’s more due to the misogyny than the male-ness. Some feminists shave, but some don’t. It’s more of a “Do with your body what you will, regardless of societal restrictions on gender expression” thing. Personally, I shave, but that’s ’cause I’m very obsessive and have issues with certain textures, but I don’t really care what people choice to do with their body hair (except people I’m kissing need to not have facial hair, but that’s another story :-p ). And the whole bra-burning thing? Fuck no, those things are EXPENSIVE!! But more seriously, there’s only ever been one “confirmed” incident of bra-burning, and it’s not even the one most people think of…
Sorry, someone got all annoyed about a picture I posted as a joke on fb a few days ago, and called me a bra-burning, and essentially saying that I was being sexist because I thought it was funny that “pussy” is a term that’s used as both slang for “weak” and “a vagina”, and yet penises and testicles bruise easier than vaginas. Honestly, it was a mix of a play on words and biological fact put together. (Also, my mom jumped into the discussion with me. It was awesome!)
Don’t talk to me about school. I will puke on you if you do. My anxiety seems to be spreading.
Also, my hair is short now. Wicked short. I LOVE it! Only thing is it grows so fast, so it’s hard to keep it this short!
I’m going to rest for a bit. I’m in the process of writing a few pretty damn awesome posts though. So stay tuned!


Those of you who read the note on my facebook can just skip this. And no, I don’t want to add you on facebook if I never met you. So don’t ask, plz?

So, I woke up early for my class that morning, and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I decided to internet. One of the many things I had to do that morning was to figure out the route on the T that I was going to take to get to my friend’s dorm (I was going to Boston tonight, and visiting a friend). I had my finger over the screen, looking for the stop my friend told me to get off at. I had found it, and was about to put my finger down…


I screamed and shut my laptop, and walked out of my room. My roomie had heard me yelling, and asked if I had been practicing kung fu, lol. I calmed down enough so that I wasn’t shaking, and then I went into my room, and grabbed my laptop, not knowing if it was covered with spider guts or if the bloody thing escaped….

I brought it to my kitchen table, and carefully opened it, being careful with the sides because the fucker could be right at the edge trying to get out…..

I opened it, he escaped down to my kitchen floor. I grabbed a shoe, screamed “DIE MOTHERFUCKER DIE!!!” and beat him with it, repeatedly, until it was more than dead, while my roomie watched on…

My laptop was sitting on my bed when the spider crawled across it. That means there was a spider on my bed. Ugh. EW EW EW EW EW!!! I’m not your typical girlie girl. Most bugs don’t bother me. Cover me with your average, run-of-the-mill garden worms, and as long as I know they’re not going to get inside me, I’m fine. But spiders? Even daddy long legs make me scream with fear and flee. I honestly think it’s the legs…they’re all long, and sinister, and spindley….**shudders**

So, I had hoped it wasn’t a bad omen for my trip. It wasn’t. I did get sick soon after getting back though, so….**shrug** Not that I really believe in omens, but it’s still fun to talk about…

Okay, so, Dr. Q, being the awesome amazing guy that he is, enrolled me in an anarchism class. Basically, it’s intro to anarchy, which I think will be beneficial to me. I hang around with a whole bunch of anarchists, so I’d like to have some grounding in it so that I can participate in a conversation with my friends whenever the topic switches to it, which, knowing my friends, is quite often :-p. I’ve thought about trying to read all the books necessary to be able to “know the topic”, as it were, yet there are many many books, and I’ve gotten conflicting answers from some people, and certain authors **coughcough** who shall remain nameless I couldn’t even get halfway through, not due to their ideas, which I thought were fine, but the way the author presented it reminded me of an arrogant fuckwad. I had even joked around with my friends, “Oh, yeah, just wait until I can have an anarchism class, then you all would be owned!”….and then an anarchism class was offered. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep my side of the argument…

Anyways, why am I telling you all this? Well you get to have more posts from me now! Each week, we have to write 500-600 words about whatever topic is assigned that week. I am going to post these critiques every Friday after I pass them in, as well as talk about the class. Why? Because I can. So that I can force myself to keep a record of this, so that I don’t forget where I’ve been, once I get where I’m going! I want to be able to chart my growth. My first paper…I feel like I’m only kind of toddling. It’s kinda sad, because the other people in my class seem like they’re already at a run (they might have known stuff about it before…probably did, considering who is holding the class…)…but I plan to try to catch up to them by the end of the class.

So, we’ll see what happens. I’ll post the critique later tonight, after I have a chance to edit it a bit for clarification…


I’ve decided that I want to make some posts first to just generally tell you what I think about stuff.

This is not based off of any particular incident. I’ve been meaning to write an entry about this for a while. No particular sparking off point. And I refer to “god” as he in this post, but I know some religions view “god” as being female, or non-gendered, or have multiple “gods”. I’m just using he for ease of use.  And I’m not speaking for all atheists here, just myself.

Okay, so I’m not that big on religion.

I consider myself to be an atheist. No, I don’t consider that to be a religion. I just try not to believe things without proof (I am only human, and so therefore am not perfect)

I don’t hate religion. Worship and praise and pray and what have you all you will, for whatever religion you will. As soon as you start hurting people (human sacrifice = not cool, man) or trying to shove it down my throat, or legislate with your religious beliefs (I don’t care if your religion doesn’t approve of homosexuality, that’s not a reason to vote against. Separation of church and state, hello? And that’s assuming that laws are good and valid, but that’s a different post), I start having an issue. Keep your god-talk to yourselves..

I am tired of people telling me I am going to hell. I don’t think hell exists, so you threatening me with it doesn’t really bother me. It’s like telling me if I don’t go to sleep, the boogie man will get me! As far as I’m concerned, both are an attempt to get me to change my behavior by invoking some imaginary scary figure 🙂

Yes, I do, in fact, have morals. Morals don’t have to come from religion. I’m not even going to debate this with you. I just don’t do to other people what I wouldn’t want done to myself, ’cause I’m not a dick. I don’t want someone killing me, so I don’t try to kill them. There’s your thou shalt not kill. 😉 I look at the facts, and I try to do the best I can with what I do, and what I think is right and wrong.

Let’s see, other stereotypes I wish to confront…I don’t eat babies. I actually think babies are pretty cool. They’re adorable, cute, and easily amused, and they’re portable! The whole crying thing is kinda obnoxious, but, hey, no one’s perfect! I even hope to have one of my own some day.

No, I am not afraid of what happens to me when I die. I think I’ll just cease to be conscious, and that’s it. I think it’ll just be like going to sleep…

I might as well enjoy my life while I’m living, instead of restricting myself in fear that there’s some guy up there who will condemn me to an eternity of suffering. Guy sounds like a dick with a huge ego to me.”Believe in me, and only me, or you are condemned to eternal damnation” isn’t a very nice thing to say. If he created us, and cared enough to THROW PEOPLE INTO ETERNAL HELLFIRE, why didn’t he just make us all love him? Fuck that shit, man, I’d rather go down to hell than deal with an ass like that and the kind of people he would inevitable collect around him. I like to think that if god somehow exists, he’d accept people regardless of what their religious beliefs are, but based on whether they tried to live a good life while they were alive…or hell, just accept everyone as they are. He is supposedly all loving, isn’t he?

Anyways, I can’t really think of any other stereotypes. Again, I don’t claim to speak for all athiests, just myself. atheists are people just like everyone else, and so have a diverse range of opinions on everything. Their only for-sure common thread is that they don’t believe in god. Any questions? Leave ’em in the comments. I promise to answer all questions, and not delete any of them but spam. Go ahead, I don’t bite….hard….

Hello all!

So, I kinda disappeared for a while. Where did I go, you might be wondering? (or more likely than not, NOT wondering, since I don’t think enough people read this that I had a following…)

I decided that I was gonna stop with the WTF and FTW posts until I got to make a “real” post. One of those is coming along like…within a minute or two or so after this post.

I didn’t warn you all because I didn’t expect it to be this long. But school and life got in the way. But I got those under control, so hopefully now we can resume normal blog functioning. Thanks for sticking with me!


Because this is my blog, I can do whatever I want with it. So, I’ve decided to talk about my resolutions here, so that I can get down what I want to accomplish, and how I intend to accomplish it, so that way I can think about it a bit more.

Resolution #1: Become more financially stable

This resolution carried over from last year.

Last year, I moved out on my own and into my first apartment during the first week of January, and I was scared shitless. I had no job (I moved out of the state I had been living with my mom during a leave of absence I had been taking to go and be up near my school), very little money (I had to pay mom rent while I was there, because…well, it’s a long story. And I had a cell phone to pay for and credit card bills to pay down. So I didn’t have much money….), and no idea how to survive. I knew I had a refund check coming to me, but I didn’t know how to survive beyond that if I was unable to find a job. It was my first time out on my own, so I knew I had to become organized, and I knew I didn’t want to move back home, so I made myself a promise that I would become financially independent  in the next year. For the most part I did, except for a few times when my paycheck came a day or two late and I needed to borrow some money from my boyfriend, but I mostly made it through. But it came close some times. There were times I couldn’t afford food and my bills, so I ate very little, or asked my friends if I could use their guest passes to get into the Dining Hall. The fact that it got so bad and I cut it so close those few times upsets me. I don’t want to have to borrow money from people, no matter how briefly, and I don’t want to have to worry about where my next meal will come from (although to be fair, I haven’t had to worry about the meal thing for a while. My boyfriend and I have moved in together and pooled our food resources, so it’s not that big of a deal anymore).

So, how am I going to become more stable? I’m going to start making sure I get the full amount of hours I can from the professor who I work with, so that I can get the maximum amount of money from that. I’m also going to start trying to pick up more shifts as a desk attendant (basically, you sit there and check people’s ID’s as they come in. You write guest passes for people who aren’t students at the school. So, in other words, homework time. The only reason I don’t like to pick up shifts is because I live about 20 minutes away from campus by foot, and it’s cold. Plus, I don’t like wasting 40 minutes of my time for a 3 hour shift, especially ’cause I hate walking alone…but that’s another story…) . Also, this will be hard, but I’m going to try to stop buying crap I don’t need. It’s hard because I like buying things. Every so often, it’s nice to buy yourself things, and it helps keep me motivated, it’s kinda like a reward for surviving and not failing out of school. But it usually ends up biting me in the ass, so I need to stop doing it, or at least, do it less often. I don’t do it all that often to start with, I don’t think, but I’ll try my hardest to make sure that I don’t do it more than once a month if it’s small, or every other month (at most frequent) if it ends up being something bigger. Self control is key here. No matter how much I don’t really care about Islamophobia, I need to buckle down and research it. Plus, things are looking up, because when I posted my resolutions on my status, the professor wrote that he has a LOT of work for me when the semester starts up again.

The second resolution?

Continue writing this blog

The way to accomplish that is to least do the WTF Wednesday and FTW Friday every week, and it’ll be cool. Hopefully I’ll continue writing more than that, but at the very least those two posts will go up every week. I find tons of WTF and FTW stuff every week, so it should be easy….

Resolution the third:

Actually get somewhere with my webcomic.

I don’t really know how to motivate myself for this. I have the comics, just, they’re on paper, in sketch form. I need to re-draw them on my tablet. And then there’s the matter of scale, and the fact that it’s pressure sensitivity is kinda funky someones….. and it becomes troublesome. But I’ve wanted to do one on and off from 7th or 8th grade on. So hopefully that’ll keep me trying at it…

Resolution the fourth:

Exercise more

This isn’t about weight loss. I’ve always been very slim. I’m about 5′ 4″ (well, more properly, I’m 5′ 3 3/4″, but it’s close enough) and I weighed 107 the other day. Apparently, that’s underweight, according to the BMI calculator online. 18.5 starts the underweight-ness, and I was 18.4. Which isn’t good, especially because I haven’t been dieting or anything, and never have dieted. I hadn’t had much of an appetite the few days prior though, and my appetite kicked in the next day, so it’s probably not as bad anymore. But that doesn’t have anything to do with exercising. Since I don’t need to excercise, I never really have, except for a brief stint at tae kwon do (which I LOVED, but I was about to go away to college, and needed to save money, so I had to quit) That means I am out of shape. I get winded easily. My punches are laughable. I need help taking my laundry across the st to the laundromat.

How do I plan on achieving this? I love to dance. It’s fun to do. I like the feeling of moving I get when I dance. But I’m horribly self-conscious. So, once a week, when my boyfriend is at class or work (it always happens, inevitably) I’ll dance around like a fool to silly pop music from back when I was in middle school and have fun. I have fun, and I’ll be exercising. Once I get stronger, maybe I can work my way up to getting motivated enough to go to the campus gym. As I said up there though, it’s a 20 minute walk from my apartment. I’d have to somehow schedule it in while I’m already on campus, ’cause there isn’t any way in hell I’m gonna walk there, excercise, then walk back. Nuh-uh, not happening…. but that’s a way off. I have to stick with my dancing before I can stick to the gym….

Resolution the fifth:

Try to be the best person I can be

Do my best in school. Apply myself in work. Be nice to people when possible. Exercise once or twice a week. Just in general be the best person I am. Motive myself by wanting to be a better person, so that I won’t regret anything later.

And that’s about it. Yep. Happy New Year guys!

Here’s the story…

So, I was originally going to have my first post be about something else, but my little sister relayed to me a hilarious story that I couldn’t help but share.

DISCLAIMER: I wasn’t actually present when this event took place. I was away at school. This is the story as I understand it from being told by my sister

So, one night, a friend of my sisters’ stayed over. As is likely to happen during sleepovers with friends, they stayed up late that night. At one point, one of my sisters (I’ll call her L, from here on out) said to my sister and their friend (E and K, respectively) that she wanted to take a walk, and asked if they wanted to come with her. The time was 3 AM, but it’s a safe area of a safe town with very little crime, so they didn’t think it’d be a big deal. L was over 18, and E and K were teenagers. Obviously not helpless little children.

Then, some silly stuff went down. My comments are in the (parenthesis).

As they were walking down the road, a cop car pulls up next to them. Asks them what they’re doing out so late. (Am I being detained officer?) They reply taking a walk. He told them they shouldn’t be out, and there were lots of creepers about. (Okay, creepy much? I’d run away screaming, thinking he was a creeper…CREEPER!!!!) He forced my sisters to call our mom (REFUSE!!! REFUSE!!!), and insisted on driving them home.

Because taking a walk in the early morning is somehow against the law?  Or even of dubious legality?

This annoys the hell out of me. Really now, he had nothing better to do than bother my sisters? It might be a pretty safe town, but there are sometimes some minor crimes going on in the less safe areas. Couldn’t he go investigate those instead of bothering my little sisters?  I mean, it’s not like there were kids walking down the street. It was fairly obvious that they were old enough to be trusted to go on a walk, especially in a safe area of a safe town. And then the insisting on driving them home bit…honestly? Even the one who was over 18, and so therefore, legally an adult? Seriously? Fuck that shit…

If I had a say in the matter, I’d remove my funding from that police station. Oh, wait, I don’t have a say, money gets taken from my paychecks forcibly and is given without my consent to them…

But yeah. I’d give almost anything to see my sisters scream “Creeper!!!!!!!!!!!” at him and run away…**giggle**

Hello world!


I know I have an about me page, but starting my blog without an introduction just doesn’t seem right somehow.

You can call me Momo. I’m a 21-year-old female college student. I’m a psychology major, but I LOVE computers. I can’t program worth a damn, but I’ve built multiple desktops and have replaced pretty much all the important parts on my laptop, from the mobo to the wireless card (and all sorts of assorted things in between). I’ve also made multiple websites, and have done sorts of assorted random things on/to my computers. I have very little sympathy for people who get their computers infested with all sorts of viruses/spyware/etc. Would you drive a car without knowing how to take care of it? Then why use a computer without teaching yourself how to do what’s necessary to make sure it runs? But I digress…

I also like video games. My favorites at the moment are games involving Yoshi or Zelda…yeah, I’m a bit of a Nintendo fangirl… I also like the Final Fantasy games, my favorite being 9.  Puzzle games like Portal and World of Goo also are fantastic. I’ll really play almost anything when I’m bored enough/in the right company. FPS’s are my least favorite, but they too have their time and place.

I also read comics. I’m trying to catch up with Batman, although I’m convinced I have ADD, so it’s kinda hard to sit down and read them sometimes. I wish the OCD I had would counteract that, but it’s too busy making me do crazy shit, like taking a certain amount of steps in each square on the sidewalk and not stepping on cracks.

Yeah, I’m a little crazy. Like the blog title says: Abnormally Psychotic. :-p

I plan on writing about..well, pretty much anything and everything. Some of it’ll be about stuff from my everyday life, some of it will be about current events stuff I find, and some of it might just be me ranting about stuff that angers/upsets me, or I’ll explain my position on something.  I’ll try to update on average once a week. I created this blog so that I can force myself to write more. So, we’ll see how well this goes…

Any other questions, feel free to leave a comment. I like to share, and I’m usually quite friendly, I promise!!

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