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Mr Frothy Mix Of Fecal Matter And Lube That Is Sometimes The Byproduct Of Anal Sex (Aka Rick Santorum) has dropped out of the race? That just makes things seem so much better and brighter!

Or maybe it’s just because I’m realizing I only have a 4.5-5 hour shift tonight (depending on long closing keeps me). And that they’ve got no one between 5-6:30 for my position. And due to the fact that boyfriend has the car, I can’t go in. I mean, if it were just a matter of showing up, I’d suck it up, have taken the car, and dealt with it. But seeing as how you can’t clock in early without higher management approval (and they keep messing up the schedule like this…)

This post is now DIAMONDS


So, life has been…alright, I guess?

This post is going to be a rant about my night at work last night. I am still very grumpy about it, so keep that in mind. Also, in case you’re worried, I’ll be fine, I’m just going to need to get more ways to vent out rage and frustration, otherwise I’m going to go off on one of my underlings, which is rather frowned upon. So yeah, don’t view this as serious, view this as venting.

Got that promotion. Been thinking maybe it wasn’t such a good idea. Mainly because you get yelled at by both management and customers for not doing the impossible. But I’m stuck with it for the next six months, unless I quit or get fired, so I gotta suck it up and deal with it, I suppose…

I closed for the first time last night. Gosh. It was…quite the experience.

First, the last cart pusher left at five. And then the only person in the building that could push carts well that wasn’t one of my cashiers was outright refusing to help me, until one of the higher level managers told him to knock it off and suck it up, essentially. But if she hadn’t, I would have either had to push carts and constantly run back and forth to deal with cashier issues, or taken one of the cashiers off the register to do it, which I couldn’t do because we were in the middle of a rush and I’m not supposed to take register when I’m the only one on.

And then there was the almost constant stream of people picking up online orders which I had to deal with because the guy who is supposed to take care of that was too busy dealing with other things. Which I understand, but why does he get away with it but when I’m too busy to have gotten something done, it’s no excuse. Argh.

And to top it all off, the only person we had to do customer service (due to scheduling errors) was a guy who is usually a cashier but is being trained for customer service. And he would page me literally. Every. Five. Minutes. And then argue with me when I have him his answer. Seriously? If he keeps it up, I’m just going to report him for insubordination. I don’t mind clarifying questions or anything. But when he outright refuses, and tries to tell me how to do my job when he barely even knows how to do his job….and, mind you, I’ve noticed that he only does it to female managers. I end up looking at him, saying “I don’t care, just do it!” and walking away. I’m so done with him, I’m so glad he’s not going to be there tonight, or if he is, he’ll be at register, meaning he can’t literally YELL into the walkie every five minutes and then if I don’t immediately respond and come there he’ll repeatedly page (even when I say “hold on a minute, I’m helping a customer, I’ll be there in just a minute!” if I’m not there in 30 seconds he calls again!). Just…argh.

And while all this constantly paging goes on, an assistant manager laughs at me as I’m walking by, with the words “Needy little guy isn’t he?”. Seriously? Don’t you have some work to be doing, instead of laughing at the lower managers?

And also, I was working on closing the outlying registers. Which, yanno, need to get done before the store closes, excuses of too busy not allowed. So he was seriously screwing that up.

And then there’s the girl that took over a half an hour for her 15 minute break and was found by another manager eating unhurriedly in the break room. And then when she was told, by a manager that’s above me, hey, it’s way past time for you to be back up front, you’re holding up so-and-so’s break…she still took about 15 minutes getting back to the front. And then there’s the guy who I went looking for because I had sent him to do this thing that only takes maybe 10 minutes and he had been gone for a half an hour. In the training room, texting. And then he called me angrily many times at the end of the night because there was no one at the register next to him. Sorry, don’t have enough people, no one else who is on has someone next to them, suck it up and deal with it.

And then there was the guy who said he was going to report us to the BBB because he had to wait a minute to get someone to help him in the area (guy was at lunch), and the guy was supposedly “rude”. And that he was going to make sure to name me in his report because “you’re the manager!” Excuse me, I have no power over anyone at all but my cashiers, and even then…’s iffy. There are some that like to push the line about being “insubordinate”. Anyone in any other section of the store? If I tell them to do something, they can tell me to fuck off, and would only get in trouble for the language if a customer complained. Mentioning my name will get you nothing.

And then there were the customers yelling at me about the lines. Trust me, I’m aware of them. They don’t give me enough cashiers because they don’t want to pay them, even though it’s screwing you, the customer, over. But I’m not allowed to tell you that. I have to sit there while you call me every foul name in the book because I’ve tried to page overhead for people to come up but no one does and people have called out and they didn’t schedule enough people even if everyone showed up. And apologize. Even though I want to tell you what a fucking entitled asshat you’re being and that if you don’t like it you don’t have to shop here. Argh, rage.

So glad that other manager lady came in a few minutes earlier to help me. She was doing an overnight, to help for other things, but she agreed to clock in early yesterday and today to help me since it was my first nights closing by myself.

So, let me explain to you another story about paging dude, because I am annoyed, and it explains the kind of stuff he does. For simplicity, I’ll label him P. For reference, it was during the middle of a rush the day before easter. We were packed, we had three managers of the same rank as me in, and the manager over us told us to get on register and he would take care of our managing duties until it went down. Every register was open, lines down to who the hell knows where… was a RUSH. And all the managers wear walkies. And we have these little things that the cashiers can send us general messages on, like “I need the bathroom!” or, “I have a question!”
So, I’m at a register, obviously scanning away. I see him come over, and say “Hey, can’t help much right now, Manager is acting as manager, so I can’t really help..”
P: “No, it’s just a quick question…”
Me: Fine, what’s up?
P: The customer wants to buy this but it’s broken we can’t sell it right?
I look over, and I see it’s a thing of those plastic easter eggs. You know, the kind you put candy into? There’s a small slice in the side of the packaging, but it’s fairly tiny, and obviously not a big deal.
Me: Go ahead and sell it to the customer!
P: But it’s against the rules! (It isn’t. We can’t discount stuff past a certain point due to damage, but if the customer wants to buy it at that price, we can still sell it. And this customer wants to buy it full price. No issue)
Me: No, it’s not. Just sell it to them.
P: Can you call manager?
Me: My walkie is dead (which is mostly true. It was dying, and all my pages got all distorted)
P: No it’s not, I see it blinking! (He then proceeds to grab it. It’s hanging out of my back pocket. He seriously came within millimeters of touching my butt. Now I’m angry. Not only is he holding me up needlessly about something he shouldn’t even have to ask about, not only is he arguing with me, but now he’s almost touched my butt. I am NOT okay about this)
Me: **growling** It’s broken. Now go back to your register, and sell those eggs!
He goes back. And then I see on the little message thing that he sent that he had a question to Manager. I asked Manager about it later. It was the eggs. And he told him to sell them. And of course, he didn’t argue with Manager, no siree!

Ah, one of these days, I am going to crack and go off on either a customer or a cashier. And I will likely get fired, but it will be GLORIOUS, because it’s all going to come out. I will curse out each and every single one, besides the few that give me no troubles, and then I will never go back, and there will be happiness. The end.

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