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So, I live in the US. Yesterday, there was a big decision handed down from one of the highest courts in the land saying that most of the healthcare reform that is going through right now is a-OK in their eyes.

I saw a lot of people on twitter, saying they were going to move to Canada due to this decision…

Look here for examples

I think, regardless of your views on this ruling, that we can all laugh a bit. People who are angry about the government in healthcare….want to move to Canada…..where the government is all up in their healthcare. We’re talking government takes care of your hospital bills up there.

It’s like when a bunch of republicans I know were talking about moving to Canada after Obama won. Unless you’re moving because you can’t stand to have a black head of state, moving to Canada really isn’t going to help you. They tend to skew more “liberal” than the democrats up yonder.

It’s like saying you don’t like living in England, so you’re going to move to London. Not only have you not fixed your problem, you’re moving to the freaking capital (and while there are other countries that you more likely be listed as capital of government being involved with healthcare, the analogy is good enough for ya’ll to understand what I mean….)

Edit: A friend pointed out that if they had wanted health care reform that involved single-payer-for-all healthcare, then Canda might be a possible option. Fair enough. However, these twitter comments seem to imply that that is not the case.


Mr Frothy Mix Of Fecal Matter And Lube That Is Sometimes The Byproduct Of Anal Sex (Aka Rick Santorum) has dropped out of the race? That just makes things seem so much better and brighter!

Or maybe it’s just because I’m realizing I only have a 4.5-5 hour shift tonight (depending on long closing keeps me). And that they’ve got no one between 5-6:30 for my position. And due to the fact that boyfriend has the car, I can’t go in. I mean, if it were just a matter of showing up, I’d suck it up, have taken the car, and dealt with it. But seeing as how you can’t clock in early without higher management approval (and they keep messing up the schedule like this…)

This post is now DIAMONDS

Facepalmy story

I’m going to start off by sharing a story with you that made me facepalm when I first heard it…

So, a friend of a family member ended up locking himself out of his car.

He went into the closest open building to ask the receptionist if they had a coat hanger he could use. They gave him dirty looks, and coldly told him no. At first, he wrote it off as the person being mean. But when he got outside, and looked at the sign, he realized it was a Planned Parenthood, and that was why he got the dirty looks.

In other not-that-new-news, I ❀ Planned Parenthood, and will likely have a post about it soon that will make some people angry (spoiler alert – I want them to continue being open and doing what they do πŸ˜‰ )

Just writing to say CONGRATULATIONS to boyfriend and everyone else who graduated from my college today!

Now just to finish up in the fall and walk next year πŸ™‚ So close!

Proud of you boyfriend ❀ love you

So, some people have decided that it’s a smart idea to go attack Libya. More violence, more deaths…

I thought this video appropriate…

Imagine all the people
Living life in peace…
You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

Here’s to ending all the pointless violence in the world. You can all go and fights your wars, I’ll be over here in the corner, singing my peace songs…so close to the 8th anniversary of Iraq, have they learned nothing…? Violence only begets more violence, spread peace through peaceful means…


My heart is with all the people affected by the horrible earthquake and tsunami in Japan. If I prayed, my prayers would be with them too.

If you have spare cash and are inclined to do so, please donate to the Red Cross. Not even just for Japan. They do a lot of good stuff, and could probably use some more funding to help them out (even though I think it’s ridiculous that they won’t let you donate blood if you’re gay, but that’s a FDA thing, not a Red Cross thing)

Here’s to hoping for a speedy recovery, and that the “troubled” nuclear reactors don’t go boom and kill us all!


Edit: Commenter “Rebekah” made a point in her comment that I found so important that I should share with you:

Always donate to the Red Cross or to International Red Cross, not to a specific disaster like β€œInternational Red Cross – Haiti.” People donated after the California earthquake, what was that, fifteen years ago? and the checks were made out to that disaster. Now, that money is sitting in a bank and no one can touch it because the money had been earmarked.

I’ve heard similar things. Apparently, they can use it if there’s a disaster that falls within the same parameters, but all that money that could be used for helping others is sitting in a bank, useless. Also, another good charity to donate to is Doctors Without Borders. I’ve heard that they’re a very good organization with low overhead that does great work, so I’d suggest checking them out if you’re in the market to make a donation.

The Flower


So, this is a cool animation. Replace the flower with marijuana, and you’ll see why marijuana prohibition is silly.

Disclaimer: I wrote this post in like…5 minutes before one of my classes. So if it doesn’t make sense or seems disjointed, I apologize…and if anyone sees boyfriend’s post…I THOUGHT OF IT FIRST SO NYAH!


So, long story short: Guy had job that involves box cutters. Guy forgets to take them out of his bag before flying. Bag gets by the TSA WITH THREE BOXCUTTERS in his bag, and nobody notices anything until guy tries to put bag in overhead compartment and the box cutters fall out. Flight attendant sees them, alerts security, etc. Nothing bad happens to guy because it was an accident and not his fault. All well and good, right? No harm no foul?

Normally, I’d agree. Then I saw a quote from a TSA rep.

The TSA spokeswoman Davis insisted that the traveling public was not at risk.

“There have been a number of additional security layers that have been implemented on aircraft that would prevent someone from causing harm with boxcutters,” she insisted.

I copy/pasted that directly from the source. I can’t make it up.

If it’s not a big deal…then why are you screening people for it in the first place? Hell, in a way, that’d make planes safer. Hypothetical situation time: If I were to hijack a plane (which I would never do. Ever. It’s a stupid idea.) with a boxcutter (again, a stupid idea), I would think twice if I knew that there was a possibility everyone else on the plane had a boxcutter. But if I was the only one with a boxcutter, there would be fewer variables to stop me.

Just more proof that it’s not for actual security, it’s security theater, used to make us more compliant to their invasions on our privacy.

My post for today: A short story about something that happened to me recently ^_^

So, recently, I was sitting in one of my classes waiting for the professor to walk in.Β  When he does, I see he’s wearing a big ol’ A pin. Most of you probably have no idea what I’m talking about, so here’s a picture…


Atheism A

It looked like this! Click the picture for source


I was excited! I knew what it was talking about!

It wasn’t a reference to The Scarlett Letter as my mother thought. Oh no, it was an atheism pin! I had seen some online, and some references online, but it was the first time I had ever seen one in public.

Being quite an open atheist myself (I don’t know if I ever mentioned that here…hi! I’m Momo the atheist! If I haven’t, I’ll be writing a more comprehensive post about why I believe what I believe soon…) I had to go up and talk to him after class.

“Does that A pin mean what I think it means?” I asked, a hopeful note in my voice.

“What do you think it means?” The professor asked back.

“I think that it’s an atheism pin!” I replied back, excitedly.

“You’re right!” the professor replied.

“Awesome! So excited! I’ve seen those pins online but had never seen one in real life!” I explained.

He then went on to explain how more of the population is atheist than most people think and how just because someone doesn’t explicitly state they’re an atheist doesn’t mean they aren’t, and the like. Which was kinda meh, ’cause I already knew that.

The really cool thing about it happened at the end of the next class. As I was packing up, getting ready to leave, he came over, and asked, “Hey, want a pin?” and put something on the desk.

It was this:


A button

This is what he gave for source!


Off topic, but that came from the same website the first one came for…hmmm….oddly enough, the guy seems to be a hardcore Christian….confuses me, but meh.

Anyways, I was quite pleased. He saw how excited about it I was so he gave me one of my own! It currently sits on the strap of my mini backpack (which I use as a combination purse/school backpack….just swap out the folders before you go to class the next day…), and decided it looked lonely, so I added some other cool pins/buttons I have. including my “I think therefore I’m dangerous” one, my “Free Hugs!” with a rainbow one, and my Bowie pin, among others πŸ™‚ It reminds me of middle school and high school, when my friends and I used to sew patches onto our messenger bags and put pins all over them to show how “different” we were. I was so silly back then. But I like it, having the pins. I’ve been trying to avoid ruffling too many people’s feathers recently, not saying controversial things in class, or participate in online comment wars…I have to let off steam somehow πŸ™‚

That’s all for today’s Momo blog. If wordpress likes me well enough, you -should- be getting a new post tomorrow. Hope all is well!


Hello, my name is Momo, and I am bisexual. (Well, technically omni- or pan- sexual, but people tend to not know what that means, so I go for the easy label *smile*)

WARNING: Family…I don’t know if you’ll want to read this. So, proceed at your own discretion…

I’ve been wavering back and forth about whether I should make a post about my bisexuality, because I haven’t encountered much resistance about it recently. But then I remembered that I’m in a mostly liberal college town. And then I remember the recent suicides by people due to LGBT bullying, and I decided I wanted to make a post. This post is somewhat close to my heart, and I have a lot of thoughts about it, so I apologize if I bounce around from topic to topic…I’ll try to keep this coherent as I can.

I’ve somewhat always have been bisexual. I mean, I remember I had a girlfriend in first grade. She pulled me into the reading corner one day during recess, and said, “Momo, I love you!” and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Aw, X, I love you too!” I replied and gave her a kiss on the cheek. I told my mom about it, because I thought it was awesome. Eventually something happened…I think I moved away? Either way, I didn’t forget about it, per se, but I didn’t consciously think about it. There was no big deal about it, besides the bit of teasing I got from my family that I got whenever little Momo got a boyfriend or girlfriend.

That would be that, until the end of middle school/beginning of high school. I started getting crushes on guys, but also on some of my friends who were girls as well. Long story short, it culminated with me telling my best friend I had a crush on her and kissing her in my friend’s closet during a party, on Easter, I think, of my freshman year in high school. She didn’t know how she felt about me, which caused no end of confusion on all sides. Due to some drama within the friend group, with exes and the like, combined with her uncertainty, we decided that it was best to just be friends. But due to that experience, I came to the realization that I liked both guys and girls. I slowly started coming out to my friends.

Most of the people I hung out with were cool with it all. I mean, I was a weirdo, and I hung out with the other weirdos in my school. There were a few people not really that happy about it, but I wasn’t that close to them, so no big loss.

But when things “hit the fan”, so to speak? I was in tenth grade. I had a really good friend who I hung out with all the time. We were near inseparable. And then, we ended up together. Things were grand. I had a girlfriend who I loved, and she loved me, and nothing else mattered.

But this school was more “city” than the suburban school I had gone to the year before, due to moving, so there were a LOT more people outside of our weirdo group, and a lot more people willing to tell me exactly what they thought was wrong.

I remember the day I had a shouting match with a kid in my study hall. You see, he pointed at a picture of my girlfriend in the yearbook, and asked if I knew her. “Know her? I’m her girlfriend!” I replied cheerfully.

“Girlfriend?” he asked, his face suddenly getting angry. “You’re a sinner! You’re going to hell!!!”

All my cheerfulness vanished. I was stunned. He wasn’t super religious or anything, and before that point, I had only encountered super religious people who had been against same-sex relationships. I blinked a few times, and sputtered out my first coherent thought, which was “I don’t believe in hell, so I’m afraid your threats mean nothing!” It wasn’t a lie. I wasn’t an atheist yet, but I already knew the concept of heaven and hell just didn’t mesh with what I thought at all.

“That just makes you more of a sinner, you’ll surely go to hell!” he yelled, drawing the attention of the entire room.

“I’m sorry, but if god exists, which I’m not quite sure he OR SHE does, I think he’ll care more about whether or not I try to act like a good person than whether or not I believe in it, or who I love. And if it does exist, and wants to throw me into hellfire for all eternity for LOVING someone, then I wouldn’t think he was deserving of worship anyway!” I replied. I was purposefully not trying to be inoffensive at the time because…well, the guy was calling me a sinner and saying I was going to burn in hell for all eternity, he was attacking me, why should I have worried about offending him?

The teacher essentially separated us for the rest of the class. Told us to stop it or we’d both be sent to our administrators. It just wasn’t worth it to me. But I did give the guy a huge smile whenever I saw him, just to piss him off.

The next big incident was during the Day of Silence later that year. We all taped the flyers that we had hung around the school on our shirts that day, so that the teachers would know we were participating. I knew there would be trouble from the start. First, a lot of our flyers were either taken down or vandalized, what with pictures of penises and “Fags get AIDS and die!” and other such derogatory comments. None of us were really surprised by the comments, because we knew by that point there was a large homophobic population in our school. (Side note: People who say homophobia is gone in the North East? Lies! I lived in Connecticut when this happened. I’ve also encountered some homophobia in New Hampshire recently, although not to the same extent as when I was in high school…) What did surprise me was my first period teacher’s reaction. I forget the exact phrasing, but it was something like, “I don’t get the point of this day, it’s such an inconvenience to the teachers, why are these kids even silent anyways?”…IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE CLASS. After we had gone to their teacher’s meeting the week before, and explained what we were doing and why we were doing it. If I hadn’t been silent, I would have stood up and said, “You want to know what? It’s really inconvenient that I get teased every day for walking down the hallway with my girlfriend. It’s really inconvenient to get called names and given dirty glares just for being who I am. And it’s really inconvenient that when I try to take a stand, a teacher puts me down because she’s annoyed that she can’t call on three people out of a class of over 20. That’s what’s REALLY inconvenient!” But I was being silent, so I held my tongue. (One of us told the GSA coordinator what had happened, and he talked to her, because the next day before class she pulled the three of us aside and apologized for being so “inconsiderate”. But we could tell she was only doing it because she was told she had to. She didn’t look sorry… She also said something to the class about it, although she stopped short of saying she was sorry for them to the class, so it seemed like she was only sorry that someone had said something.) It was one of the hardest things I’ve done, to this day, to not go off on that teacher. But then I would have broken my vow of silence, and probably gotten suspended, to boot.

The day continued on in a similar fashion. Instead of sitting and thinking about why we were silent, the cruel kids decided it was “taunt the fags ’cause they can’t fight back” day, even though many of the people participating were straight. They just couldn’t seem to wrap their heads around someone supporting gay people who wasn’t gay themselves. And if we did fight back, we were made fun of, with “HAHA made you talk!” And it was so sad, because there were people who I know were on my side, but were too scared of getting made fun of themselves to step in and help. I was teased mercilessly. ALL. DAY. There were people laughing at me, saying they made me talk when they hadn’t. Someone I know, who I thought was my friend, who was nice to me every other day of the year, even tried to taunt me into talking. He didn’t make fun of me, per se, but he said things he knew I would be burning to respond to.

Because of this, I decided that I would not participate in the day of silence anymore, at least, not in high school. While I think it’s a nice sentiment, I decided I would not willingly put myself in a position to be victimized without a way to defend myself. I would stand up and fight, use my voice to try to make things better, instead of echoing silence, because if you’re silent and compliant, why in the world would anyone change anything to make it better for you? I understand that it’s supposed to be about raising awareness and spreading acceptance, but since it was only the weirdos that did it in my school, it just served to further marginalize us. It also didn’t help that some people did it for a period or two, and then laughed with friends about how they got out of answering questions in so-and-so’s class because they hadn’t done the reading. If some of the “popular” people had participated, maybe it would have changed things, but…it was like cows lining up to the slaughter.

When I was eventually outed to my mom, by a nosey neighbor who had seen me hug and kiss my girlfriend before I walked home after school and told my mom in a “DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR DAUGHTER IS DOING?!?!” way…it wasn’t pretty. My mom has always had a lot of gay friends and such growing up…but I guess her own daughter having a girlfriend hit her in a weird way. She wasn’t happy, to say the least. (UPDATE: Look to the comments for my mom’s response) It was a rough couple on months after that….although, most of the taunting came from my mom’s asshole of an ex boyfriend. I remember one time I had my girlfriend over, to celebrate my 16th birthday. We were eating pizza on the balcony of the place where I lived, and I hugged my girlfriend at one point, because I was so happy that it was my birthday and she was there and we were having pizza, and it was a sunny day, and for once, things seemed to be going well. I then got a text from the asshole, telling me to not “lez out” in front of my younger sister…

But things got better. My mom mellowed out about the whole thing, and eventually ditched the asshole. My sister was able to come out as a (mostly) lesbian to my mom and was greeted with acceptance and love surrounding her. Now when I meet homophobes, their words no longer hurt me as much, because instead I just imagine how hard it must be to live with that much hatred inside of you, and feel sorry for them. I mean, yes, of course I get angry sometimes, but I no longer hate them, as I did when I was younger. I have grown to a place where I can (at least sometimes) be the better person.

Okay, now, I don’t speak for all bisexual people here, but there are some things that annoy me about when people find out I’m bisexual, that I’m going to share with you…
-People asking me to answer questions for or speak for all bisexual people. This is as impossible as speaking for all straight people. There’s a very diverse group of people, with a very diverse set of experiences and viewpoints. Each person is their own person.
-Ask me if I’ll have a threesome with you and your boyfriend/girlfriend/whatever. This is wrong on so many levels. SO. MANY. LEVELS. If you were a girl, and you were straight, would you think it was okay if someone asked if both he and his friend had sex with you at the same time? I mean, if you’re into that, fine, I don’t really care, but if the person knew nothing other than the fact that you were female and liked guys, and they asked you this question…you would probably be offended, whether you were into it or not. And after it happened time after time after time, I bet you would probably get pretty angry, right? Now you get it.
-Imply that I can’t have a monogamous relationship. Seriously. Just because I’ve been known to like guys and girls, does not mean I can’t find one person. Now I don’t have anything against polyamory or what have you, but it drives me maddening that people assume that that’s my default just because of my orientation. If you’re dude, and you like girls, do you stop liking girls (being straight) because you’re with someone? It’s kinda the same with me. I know there are many polyamorous bisexual people out there, but there are also many monogamous bisexual people. If it’s unclear, ask, but try to have some tact. If you are at least trying to be nice and tactful, in my experience, people won’t bite your head off, but this person might have been asked this a bunch of times recently, so try to be understanding if they get a bit miffed. It’s hard to constantly be questioned about this stuff.
-Don’t try to imply that they’re really just “on the fence” and will some day “decide what they really want”. I had my first girlfriend when I was 6, and had girl crushes way before then. That’s a LONG time. And the fact that it’s usually said in such a smug, condescending tone, like the person knows so much better than you what’s in your head and heart than you do… or the twist on it where the person feigns concern and says I’m just confused…no, I’m pretty sure I know what I want, thankyouverymuch!
-Don’t imply they’re only doing it for attention. I know there are girls out there who kiss other girls at parties who do it for attention….but most of the ones I’ve met don’t identify as bisexual when outside of the parties. And even if they do…it’s not the majority of bisexual people. Stop making assumptions about the majority based on the minority, thankyouverymuch!

So…yeah. That’s about all I can think of right now. Homophobes will either be argued with or have their comments deleted, based on how I’m feeling at the time. πŸ™‚

And for anyone who is having a hard time, especially with homophobic idiots, here’s a video from George Takei that might cheer you up…

Peace love and harmony to you all, and may you never experience hatred πŸ˜€

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