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15 Random Facts

I feel like telling all of you random stuff about me. So, here, have some random facts!

1. I consider myself to be omnisexual. I view gender as a continuum, not a binary, so bisexual doesn’t really cover it. Yes, the word more often used is pansexual, but I like to be weird.. I just love everyone.

2. I have never smoked a cigarette. The only tobacco I’ve ever smoked was a few puffs of a hooka because it smelled (and tasted) delicious! Don’t like adictive drugs though, so at a few puffs of hooka it stays.

3. I am incapable of keeping my apartment clean. Whenever it gets even close, I get lazy and shit gets thrown everywhere. I’ve stopped trying to fight it.

4. I have 6 mice and a hedgehog as pets. They are the cutest things ever. One day, I will likely become a crazy cat lady, except for instead of cats, it will be all sorts of animals. But not yet, so I am staying with these for now.

5. I am a psych major, and hopefully I’ll be going to grad school in the fall.

6. I strongly believe that all victimless “crimes” should be legalized. No victim no crime! And yes, that includes all drugs. I’ll debate you, but before that, let me just say something about that particular subject: If it’s already illegal to do something (say, destroy someone’s property), why add another charge on top of it?

7. I will go on marathon television sessions when I am bored and left to my own devices. I’ve been known to watch entire shows in a weekend.

8. I drink FARRR too much soda. Not as much as I used to, but still a bunch.

9.I ❤ drag queens.

10. Bacon is one of my favorite foods, and one of the big reasons why I will never be a complete vegetarian…

11. I go through books like water, especially fantasy and sci fi books. Especially if they are in book form, not electronic form…

12. If I go over a certain amount of nights spent out of my on bed, I get cranky. My bed is all set up to be perfectly comfy for me. Plus, I have issues falling asleep in “new” situations.

13. I have an irrational love of potatoes. I would probably eat potatoes and only potatoes if I could survive doing so.

14. Boston is the only “big city” I’ve been to that I don’t think I would mind living in.. Can’t stand New York, but Boston is pretty awesome.

15. I am a feminist. No, that does not mean I hate men, or I want men above women, or anything like that. It just means I want people to be equal, regardless what’s between your legs (or the color of your skin, or your sexual orientation, or any silly things like that, but that’s for another time…)


50 Things

I got tagged on a facebook meme where you’re supposed to type 50 things about yourself. I decided it would be fun to post it here too.


1. The best times I’ve ever had was when my mind was outside reality (interpret that however you wish!)

2. My little sister is awesome. She’s the only 14 year old I’d willingly spend time with without being paid for it.

3. I have mice. Too many mice. Anyone want some mice? I love them all to pieces though ❤

4. I orignally went to school for computer science. But a crappy programming instructor mde me switch to psych, and I never looked back 🙂

5. My boyfriend is awesome, we like to kill time by playing video games and watching cartoons together ❤

6. I have a webcomic. It’s just not online yet, ’cause I can’t afford webspace for it yet >_<

7. I love to read. I’ll read almost everything, but my favorites are superhero comics, science fiction, and fantasy. 😀

8. Sometimes, the assumptions people make about me amuse me. And confuse me, sometimes. Just because I don’t come out and say something doesn’t mean it’s not true. If you’re wondering something, ask, and I’ll probably answer you, or explain why I can’t.

9. I am a bit of a textaholic. Which is bad for my minutes, but I don’t really care, as long as I’m not out 🙂

10.I absolutely LOVE Avatar the Last Airbender cartoon. I don’t care that it’s a “kid’s show”, it’s still pretty awesome.

11. I am terribly shy and bad at asking people to do things with me. If I ask you to do something, it’s usually a result of a lot of planning and spazzing on my part.

12.When my lips are chapped, I feel a compulsive need to pick at them. It’s like I can’t NOT pick at them, even if it hurts and they bleed. Winter is a bad season for me….

13. I love cute animals, to the point of being able to make myself cry by thinking about/talking about sad stuff happening to animals

14. I read the Wheel of Time book series, and cannot wait until the last book finally comes out! Squee!

15. I enjoy learning words and phrases of other languages, but I can never muster enough motivation to sit down and concentrate and learn one language

16. I want a hedgehog, more than you could imagine!

17. I seriously think I was born in the wrong decade…

18. I love my blog. I go into squee-fests whenever I get comments on my posts 🙂 But then it usually ends up being spam >_<

19. Potatoes are my favorite food. I could probably eat permutations of potatoes for the rest of my life, were it not to kill me 🙂

20.Someday, I want to participate in a crazy choreographed epic dance scene.

21. When I was a little kid, I wanted to be a ballerina. Or a princess

22. Although I am not religious at all, I love the christmas season. I don’t believe in Jesus, but I can get behind the peace on earth thing. And the cool carols and fun time decorating the tree doesn’t hurt either.

23. I wish I knew how to sword fight.

24. I love spicy food. A lot. 😀 Some of my happiest moments are when my mouth is on fire.

25. I’m  good cook. t least, everyone who has eaten food that came out properly agrees with me 🙂 My goal is to some day get a bajillion spices to add to my selection, so that I can make even better foods!

26. Slut shaming has really been bothering me recently. People should be free to make their own choices about how promiscuous or not they are, and it really shouldn’t be anyone’s business but their own. And dressing a certain way does not make you a slut or a whore. And if you think it’s okay for a guy to go and be a player but not a girl, or judge a girl more harshly for it than a guy, you’re a hypocrite.

27. Rape “jokes” aren’t jokes. They aren’t funny. There’s nothing funny about taking away a person’s sexual autonomy. And no, they didn’t “ask for it”, you’re just being a douche.

28. I’m bisexual, although this shouldn’t be a surprise to most people on my friend’s list 😀

29. I like babies. I don’t want one of my own, but I like playing with other’s peoples. There should be a baby renting service, or something.

30. I have 2 tattoos, and I already have my next 3 planned out, I just can’t afford them yet 😀

31. I would LOVE to get a corset piercing, because they’re so pretty, but it would probably be expensive and painful and would likely reject easily…

32. When I was in 8th and 9th grade, I “was goth”. I mean, black lipstick, white face powder, dark eye shadow, clothes from hot topic….yeh, the whole shebang. I’ve since passed on most of my stuff to  my little sister since then 🙂

33. I love singing and dnacing, even though I’m not that good at it.

34. I love anime. I’m not a crazy otaku who lets it overtake her life or anything, but I can definitely enjoy sitting down and getting into a good anime.

35. Cupcakes are, by far, the best dessert EVER!!

36. I think victimless “crime” should not be a crime. If you aren’t hurting anyone else, then why should it be illegal? If you want to get yourself all doped up on some drug, I feel you should be allowed to. If you do a crime that hurts someone while they’re on it…well, it’s already a crime to do that anyways, so why do we need even more laws? Killing someone while on drugs doesn’t make them more dead, for example. (Also, side note: Most of the people I know who have done drugs are calm peaceful people who wouldn’t hurt anyone, drugs or not, and the ones who weren’t were assholes sober too!)

37. Some day I am going to be a cat lady, except instead of cats, I’m going to have a bunch of different animals.

38. I get rant-ey. A lot. It’s usually best to just let me get on with it and smile and nod until I’m done

39. Carl Sagan is/was one of my favorite “celebrities”. The autotune video probably had a lot to do with it, especially since it prompted me to watch Cosmos.

40. My favorite kind of ice cream is Americone Dream. Barring that, it’s strawberry 😀 Especially when I can get chocolate chips with my strawberry 🙂

41. I listen to almost every kind of music. My least favorite kind is country, but even then, I like a few songs. I used to hate rape, but then I realized it was only a certain subsection of rap I hated, and that there was a lot more to look at and appreciate.

42. Sometimes, I only argue with people because I want to see if I can intellectually defend a position. So even watching me argue about something for one position doesn’t mean I agree with it. If you want to know, ask.

43. Christmas lights in my bedroom year ’round make me happy

44. Spiders terrify me. Even a daddy longlegs is enough to make me run away screaming.

45. It’s only recently that I’ve started feeling comfortable in my own skin, and it’s still hard to not slide back.

46. Conspiracy theories annoy me, mainly because I always secretly wonder if I’ve unwittingly ended up believing in one. Hey, the conspiracy theories seem sensible to the people who believe in them, right?

47. I have been trying to eat less meat recently, but failing horribly. Bacon is just too nommy.

48. Balloons make life happier.

49. I love riding scary rides. Can’t get enough of ’em.

50. People tend to not get my sense of humor. Sad.

Bonus random fact: You were supposed to tag 20 random people. I had a harder time figuring out 20 people to tag than figuring out 50 random things. What does that say about me?

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