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Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow, all of my lovely readers! Sorry I haven’t written much recently, life has just been…strange.

Finally left “Big Blue Box Store” Aka walmart. That was good. My other job is kinda annoying though. I feel so slimy, selling people expensive shit they don’t need. I’m mostly viewing it as a stopgap job until I can get another one. I don’t know if I can keep working there much longer regardless though. It was a bad decision. But if I had stayed at walmart, due to scheduling, I wouldn’t have been able to do Thanksgiving, because I’d have to be back too early to even make it worth going. Argh

Good thing about all this though? I was thinking about it earlier today…and I did some math…and I figured out how much I need to make an hour to be self sufficient. To be able to live on my own, pay my bills, so on and so forth, without needing a roomie or anything. Not that I’m necessarily planning on it, or anything, or at least, any time soon. But so that I could if I wanted to. And so I’ve started to look for those jobs. I’m not going to settle for less than that. I’m a smart girl, I am capable of so much more than what I’ve been doing, and I’m tired of dealing with the bull that comes along with living as I have.

I’m also sorting out some school stuff, that I should have sorted out ages ago. I don’t know why I didn’t. Fear of messing up, or falling flat on my face? Depression? I don’t know. But I’m moving forward.

I know where I want to be in life. Now I just need to somehow figure out how to get there. And get out of retail hell, because without years of experience, they aren’t going to pay me what I need to get what I want.

But other than that, stuff is okay enough. Everyone around me is upgrading their phones, and I didn’t get the one I wanted, but at least I have a working phone, so I can be grateful for that. I have friends who occasionally do stuff with me (even though they don’t do all that I want with me. But then, I want people around constantly, so that would never happen). And even if I fuck things up royally, I have a roof over my head. And even though it’s all for temporary stuff, and none of them fit these new goals I’ve made, I’ve gotten like…three calls back about jobs this past week? So that’s promising, and hopefully will continue as I move on up to other types of jobs. Just got to keep trying until I get there. And, probably, fake it until I make it, although hopefully not that much of that, because I hate faking, and that’s part of why I hate current job!

…Before this turns into a total whine fest, I’m going to stop. But, life is okay enough, I am okay enough, and hopefully things will be better soon (because I am optimistic at the moment, and believe I have what it takes! Let’s hope it doesn’t crash down and swing the same amount the opposite way!)



Because this is my blog, I can do whatever I want with it. So, I’ve decided to talk about my resolutions here, so that I can get down what I want to accomplish, and how I intend to accomplish it, so that way I can think about it a bit more.

Resolution #1: Become more financially stable

This resolution carried over from last year.

Last year, I moved out on my own and into my first apartment during the first week of January, and I was scared shitless. I had no job (I moved out of the state I had been living with my mom during a leave of absence I had been taking to go and be up near my school), very little money (I had to pay mom rent while I was there, because…well, it’s a long story. And I had a cell phone to pay for and credit card bills to pay down. So I didn’t have much money….), and no idea how to survive. I knew I had a refund check coming to me, but I didn’t know how to survive beyond that if I was unable to find a job. It was my first time out on my own, so I knew I had to become organized, and I knew I didn’t want to move back home, so I made myself a promise that I would become financially independent¬† in the next year. For the most part I did, except for a few times when my paycheck came a day or two late and I needed to borrow some money from my boyfriend, but I mostly made it through. But it came close some times. There were times I couldn’t afford food and my bills, so I ate very little, or asked my friends if I could use their guest passes to get into the Dining Hall. The fact that it got so bad and I cut it so close those few times upsets me. I don’t want to have to borrow money from people, no matter how briefly, and I don’t want to have to worry about where my next meal will come from (although to be fair, I haven’t had to worry about the meal thing for a while. My boyfriend and I have moved in together and pooled our food resources, so it’s not that big of a deal anymore).

So, how am I going to become more stable? I’m going to start making sure I get the full amount of hours I can from the professor who I work with, so that I can get the maximum amount of money from that. I’m also going to start trying to pick up more shifts as a desk attendant (basically, you sit there and check people’s ID’s as they come in. You write guest passes for people who aren’t students at the school. So, in other words, homework time. The only reason I don’t like to pick up shifts is because I live about 20 minutes away from campus by foot, and it’s cold. Plus, I don’t like wasting 40 minutes of my time for a 3 hour shift, especially ’cause I hate walking alone…but that’s another story…) . Also, this will be hard, but I’m going to try to stop buying crap I don’t need. It’s hard because I like buying things. Every so often, it’s nice to buy yourself things, and it helps keep me motivated, it’s kinda like a reward for surviving and not failing out of school. But it usually ends up biting me in the ass, so I need to stop doing it, or at least, do it less often. I don’t do it all that often to start with, I don’t think, but I’ll try my hardest to make sure that I don’t do it more than once a month if it’s small, or every other month (at most frequent) if it ends up being something bigger. Self control is key here. No matter how much I don’t really care about Islamophobia, I need to buckle down and research it. Plus, things are looking up, because when I posted my resolutions on my status, the professor wrote that he has a LOT of work for me when the semester starts up again.

The second resolution?

Continue writing this blog

The way to accomplish that is to least do the WTF Wednesday and FTW Friday every week, and it’ll be cool. Hopefully I’ll continue writing more than that, but at the very least those two posts will go up every week. I find tons of WTF and FTW stuff every week, so it should be easy….

Resolution the third:

Actually get somewhere with my webcomic.

I don’t really know how to motivate myself for this. I have the comics, just, they’re on paper, in sketch form. I need to re-draw them on my tablet. And then there’s the matter of scale, and the fact that it’s pressure sensitivity is kinda funky someones….. and it becomes troublesome. But I’ve wanted to do one on and off from 7th or 8th grade on. So hopefully that’ll keep me trying at it…

Resolution the fourth:

Exercise more

This isn’t about weight loss. I’ve always been very slim. I’m about 5′ 4″ (well, more properly, I’m 5′ 3 3/4″, but it’s close enough) and I weighed 107 the other day. Apparently, that’s underweight, according to the BMI calculator online. 18.5 starts the underweight-ness, and I was 18.4. Which isn’t good, especially because I haven’t been dieting or anything, and never have dieted. I hadn’t had much of an appetite the few days prior though, and my appetite kicked in the next day, so it’s probably not as bad anymore. But that doesn’t have anything to do with exercising. Since I don’t need to excercise, I never really have, except for a brief stint at tae kwon do (which I LOVED, but I was about to go away to college, and needed to save money, so I had to quit) That means I am out of shape. I get winded easily. My punches are laughable. I need help taking my laundry across the st to the laundromat.

How do I plan on achieving this? I love to dance. It’s fun to do. I like the feeling of moving I get when I dance. But I’m horribly self-conscious. So, once a week, when my boyfriend is at class or work (it always happens, inevitably) I’ll dance around like a fool to silly pop music from back when I was in middle school and have fun. I have fun, and I’ll be exercising. Once I get stronger, maybe I can work my way up to getting motivated enough to go to the campus gym. As I said up there though, it’s a 20 minute walk from my apartment. I’d have to somehow schedule it in while I’m already on campus, ’cause there isn’t any way in hell I’m gonna walk there, excercise, then walk back. Nuh-uh, not happening…. but that’s a way off. I have to stick with my dancing before I can stick to the gym….

Resolution the fifth:

Try to be the best person I can be

Do my best in school. Apply myself in work. Be nice to people when possible. Exercise once or twice a week. Just in general be the best person I am. Motive myself by wanting to be a better person, so that I won’t regret anything later.

And that’s about it. Yep. Happy New Year guys!

Hello world!


I know I have an about me page, but starting my blog without an introduction just doesn’t seem right somehow.

You can call me Momo. I’m a 21-year-old female college student. I’m a psychology major, but I LOVE computers. I can’t program worth a damn, but I’ve built multiple desktops and have replaced pretty much all the important parts on my laptop, from the mobo to the wireless card (and all sorts of assorted things in between). I’ve also made multiple websites, and have done sorts of assorted random things on/to my computers. I have very little sympathy for people who get their computers infested with all sorts of viruses/spyware/etc. Would you drive a car without knowing how to take care of it? Then why use a computer without teaching yourself how to do what’s necessary to make sure it runs? But I digress…

I also like video games. My favorites at the moment are games involving Yoshi or Zelda…yeah, I’m a bit of a Nintendo fangirl… I also like the Final Fantasy games, my favorite being 9.¬† Puzzle games like Portal and World of Goo also are fantastic. I’ll really play almost anything when I’m bored enough/in the right company. FPS’s are my least favorite, but they too have their time and place.

I also read comics. I’m trying to catch up with Batman, although I’m convinced I have ADD, so it’s kinda hard to sit down and read them sometimes. I wish the OCD I had would counteract that, but it’s too busy making me do crazy shit, like taking a certain amount of steps in each square on the sidewalk and not stepping on cracks.

Yeah, I’m a little crazy. Like the blog title says: Abnormally Psychotic. :-p

I plan on writing about..well, pretty much anything and everything. Some of it’ll be about stuff from my everyday life, some of it will be about current events stuff I find, and some of it might just be me ranting about stuff that angers/upsets me, or I’ll explain my position on something.¬† I’ll try to update on average once a week. I created this blog so that I can force myself to write more. So, we’ll see how well this goes…

Any other questions, feel free to leave a comment. I like to share, and I’m usually quite friendly, I promise!!

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