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So, I’ve been running Linux for the past while…Ubuntu specifically…
I installed Windows yesterday so that I could play game with boyfriend…
And then, while trying to make it so that I could boot into both, managed to mess up my windows install as well. So I had to wipe everything and start over again. Whoops…..put windows on first this time, so that it won’t kill the thing I need on the MBR to allow me to boot both…
But…I’ve gotten used to Linux apparently. Keep looking to the top for the time and the IM notifications, keep going to the side to open my programs…it makes me giggle.
Also, I am sick as a dog, and should be asleep, but instead cannot get back to sleep for the life of me. Job finding anxiety (happens whenever I’m unemployed…I just need to make sure I keep it in check which oftentimes doesn’t happen and it makes my job search a bajillion times harder) and general achey-ness.
I really wish I had a car. Not even a new car. Even a used up “shitbox car”, as I call them. I just want something that RUNS. Boyfriend and I have been looking at used cars, but have no idea what to look for. Neither one of us is really versed in cars. And our budget for such things is small. But, once I get a car, it would help with the job search? I’d already have a job if I had a car…I was essentially hired, but then found out it was too far away to walk because the person had been misrepresenting where they were located. So… any suggestions from anyone?
I’ve been on tumblr a lot recently. It’s pretty fun. If you want the URL, just ask. A lot of the stuff on there is feminism related, however, so fair warning…I’m up for debate, sometimes, as long as it’s not the tired old “OMG FEMINISTS HATE MEN AND NEVER SHAVE AND BURN THEIR BRAS AND ARE HORRIBLE!!!”. Because none of that is true. I don’t hate me. I’m pretty fine with people, regardless of their gender (or lack thereof). I try not to judge people on anything but how they act. If you’re a misogynistic guy, then yeah, I’m not gonna like you very much, but that’s more due to the misogyny than the male-ness. Some feminists shave, but some don’t. It’s more of a “Do with your body what you will, regardless of societal restrictions on gender expression” thing. Personally, I shave, but that’s ’cause I’m very obsessive and have issues with certain textures, but I don’t really care what people choice to do with their body hair (except people I’m kissing need to not have facial hair, but that’s another story :-p ). And the whole bra-burning thing? Fuck no, those things are EXPENSIVE!! But more seriously, there’s only ever been one “confirmed” incident of bra-burning, and it’s not even the one most people think of…
Sorry, someone got all annoyed about a picture I posted as a joke on fb a few days ago, and called me a bra-burning, and essentially saying that I was being sexist because I thought it was funny that “pussy” is a term that’s used as both slang for “weak” and “a vagina”, and yet penises and testicles bruise easier than vaginas. Honestly, it was a mix of a play on words and biological fact put together. (Also, my mom jumped into the discussion with me. It was awesome!)
Don’t talk to me about school. I will puke on you if you do. My anxiety seems to be spreading.
Also, my hair is short now. Wicked short. I LOVE it! Only thing is it grows so fast, so it’s hard to keep it this short!
I’m going to rest for a bit. I’m in the process of writing a few pretty damn awesome posts though. So stay tuned!


Hello world!


I know I have an about me page, but starting my blog without an introduction just doesn’t seem right somehow.

You can call me Momo. I’m a 21-year-old female college student. I’m a psychology major, but I LOVE computers. I can’t program worth a damn, but I’ve built multiple desktops and have replaced pretty much all the important parts on my laptop, from the mobo to the wireless card (and all sorts of assorted things in between). I’ve also made multiple websites, and have done sorts of assorted random things on/to my computers. I have very little sympathy for people who get their computers infested with all sorts of viruses/spyware/etc. Would you drive a car without knowing how to take care of it? Then why use a computer without teaching yourself how to do what’s necessary to make sure it runs? But I digress…

I also like video games. My favorites at the moment are games involving Yoshi or Zelda…yeah, I’m a bit of a Nintendo fangirl… I also like the Final Fantasy games, my favorite being 9.  Puzzle games like Portal and World of Goo also are fantastic. I’ll really play almost anything when I’m bored enough/in the right company. FPS’s are my least favorite, but they too have their time and place.

I also read comics. I’m trying to catch up with Batman, although I’m convinced I have ADD, so it’s kinda hard to sit down and read them sometimes. I wish the OCD I had would counteract that, but it’s too busy making me do crazy shit, like taking a certain amount of steps in each square on the sidewalk and not stepping on cracks.

Yeah, I’m a little crazy. Like the blog title says: Abnormally Psychotic. :-p

I plan on writing about..well, pretty much anything and everything. Some of it’ll be about stuff from my everyday life, some of it will be about current events stuff I find, and some of it might just be me ranting about stuff that angers/upsets me, or I’ll explain my position on something.  I’ll try to update on average once a week. I created this blog so that I can force myself to write more. So, we’ll see how well this goes…

Any other questions, feel free to leave a comment. I like to share, and I’m usually quite friendly, I promise!!

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