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So, due to it being spring break, I’m visiting my mom for a few days this week. Naturally, I had to bring the hedgehog with me, because he’s so cute and loveable and adorable and I knew their hearts would melt. Well, that and the fact that I don’t think I could possibly leave the guy alone ❤

So to get him used to people and being handled and such, I took him out of his tank a few times. Today I got pictures though, so I figured I’d share…

Note: These pictures were taken with my sister’s cell phone camera with a hedgehog that refused to stay still. If I had been thinking clearly, I probably would have gone and grabbed her actual camera, but I wasn’t. And actually, her real camera is pretty old, so her cell camera might actually be better…

So, I let him out on the couch, because there are 4 cats living at my mom’s, so I didn’t want them pouncing on him or anything. My little sister was hanging on the couch. He got interested in her pocket.\

Hedgie looking into my sister's pocket

Sh decided to undo the button, to see what he’d do.

Hedgie looking in her pocket again

He started gnawing on her pocket!

Hedgie gnawing at her pants

If you look closely, you can tell he’s biting at her pocket. You can see part of his jaw outside her pocket and everything!

He liked hiding from us!

Hedgie climbing under fleeceHedgie hiding under the fleece, all wrapped up!Here he’s hiding under a piece of fleece I had been giving him to play with!

So, I had to be creative and sneaky with my picture-taking!


Secret picture attack from the side!



Eventually, he calmed down a bit, and started running all over the couch!

Hedgie coming out from under the fleecePeek-a-boo!

Sniff sniff sniff!Sniff sniff sniff. He sniffs everything.

sniff sniff sniffMore sniffing!

Sniff sniff sniff!More sniffing!

Hedgie smelling my sister's handHe even sniffed my sister’s hand!

Sniffing at a crack in the couchHe sniffed at a crack in the couch. He tried to burrow down in there, but we stopped him!

Eventually he went and hid under his fleece and refused to come out no matter how much we tried to coax him. So I put him in his tank. Then, I figured, since it’s all nice and clean ’cause I changed out his bedding and gave him a clean towel, I should share a picture of it!

Hedgie in his tank, drinking waterThe lighting was weird in this part of the room, so I had to use a flashlight, which gives it the eerie blue glow. He was drinking from his water bottle. You can see his little dish of cat food, and the dish of strawberries I gave him to see if he liked it. There are some tubes, a litter box I’m trying to train him to, and a towel for him to hide under. ❤ I’m hoping to make him some nice liners once I figure out my handheld sewing machine, to minimize the amount of mess from bedding (he likes to get his head stuck in a tube and throw his bedding out of the tank. Makes a HUGE mess, and wastes so much bedding!) There’s also I wheel I got him, which isn’t in there at the moment because he doesn’t run in it that much and I need to take his tubes out to get him to even look at it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of I love my hedgehog. Hopefully, my camera will be un-busted soon, so that I can get some better pictures of him.

And oh, for anyone wondering about what his name is? He has 4 names, which are used interchangeably depending on how the person addresses him is feeling. They are: Taji Bear (the name he came to me with),  Hedgie-puu (generic name for any hedgehog), Hedgifer McHedginton Esquire the 4th (often shortened just to Hedgifer, which, when not capitalized, can be used as a non-proper noun for any hedgehog),  and Moridin (evil guy from the Wheel of Time series, usually used when he’s frustrating me, but sometimes used just because I like the way it sounds).



Other projects

This counts as your third post for yesterday. I went out to watch Blue Valentine and was going to review it…but bad emotional things happened to me during the film so I would rather not revisit it. So….new topic!

You might wonder why I’m always busy. Not only am I a college student, but I’m a college student with a lot of side projects. So I’m going to tell you about them. Feel free to leave me a comment if you have questions about them, or want to work on any of them with me. Maybe we can work things out.

Webcomic – Yes, this is still in the works. What technology i have available keeps changing, so I need to change how I’m making it frequently. Not like I have the money for the hosting even if it was digital. But, just need to keep working towards the dream. It’s probably not going to be all that plot heavy, at least at first. I’m using this to learn how to draw, at first. It’s mostly going to be mostly one shots, or maybe two comics that relate to each other. There was talk of turning what I had for my NaNoWriMo work into my webcomic, but I don’t have the artistic ability to do that at the moment. Maybe at a later date. Or I could start a whole new story. I just want my art to improve first.

Femiblog – I used to read the website Jezebel. But they have been going downhill recently, and the recent new layout really cinched the deal, because now it doesn’t play nicely with my nook color, which is where I do most of my browsing these days. The writers for the site tend to respond to criticism by either saying that they don’t see a problem with it and people are overreacting, or basically saying that they don’t agree with you and you’re wrong so just deal with it. And my friend and I….we didn’t like that. Your readers are the ones reading your posts, giving you hit counts, so that you can get paid. You’re not supposed to be mean and dismissive of them! Hell, I’ll write a whole bunch of blog posts every day if you pay me for it, and hell, I’d be nice to the commenters, AND manage to not be dismissive of them at the same time. So we decided to write a blog. My name might be different on that site, it’s up in the air. But it’s gonna probably cover mostly feminist issues. ‘Cause we’re cool like that. And we’ll use trigger warnings. And listen to any commenter concerns that are brought to us, instead of just brushing it off as “We’re right you’re wrong! RAWR!” Not live yet, but will be live soon…

Cute blog – Well, it’s not just cute things. It’s cute things, and geeky computer things, and game things… boyfriend wants us to make a blog together about our shared interests, as a sort of a bonding experience. It’ll be live as soon as one of us gets our camera fixed.

Nook color – Why would this be an ongoing project? Because I rooted it. Took maybe 5 minutes, excluding the time it took to download the files and wait for the adapter needed to use a microsd card with this computer. I would recommend it. So, basically, I get to replace all the default nook stuff with android stuff. Different launchers, different browsers, different battery meters…different everything! And there are so many options! I have to try them out to see which ones I like!

Pets – Mice and hedgehog need taking care of and playing. I love those little rascals. ❤

Surviving – For some reason, life likes throwing me curve balls recently. So, I get to work at surviving. Huzzah! I’m alright, just…things never work out easily, do they?

And that’s it for my current in-progress projects. I have one or two working projects, but I don’t feel like talking about them, so I bid you all adieu!

Hedgie update


Sorry i haven’t posted the past few days. Life is busy and I’ve got the head cold that refuses to quit. So you’ll be getting three posts today to make up for it.

So, update on the hedgie. He has been a lot less shy. Boyfriend and I have been taking him out each time he will let us. One of his favorite past times is getting his head stuck in a toilet paper tube. Squee. Working on getting video of that. Another is biting at my huge stuffed hedgehog. If i put it near him he just “attacks” it. He goes and tries to chew on it. Silly hedgie thinks he is ferocious beast! RAWR!!!! There is even photo evidence of the hedgie doing this…the picture should show up somewhere in this post….using a wordpress app from my tablet so I apologize for any weirdness… A friend of mine took it for me in the dark with a cell phone camera because my camera is busted, so I apologize if it seems unclear…

There is less curling up into a ball and huffing behavior which I am glad for. He still does it, but less often and for shorter periods. I love this little fellow. He’s not cuddly and friendly like I had hoped but he’s so cute and adorable and silly and stubborn and doesn’t realize that what he views as being scary and intimidating is actually squee-worthy.

Anyways not a whole lot else is new about my cute little guy. ❤ So see you next post!

Exposure therapy with hedgehogs!

Hi! Sorry about the lack of writing. Lots of exciting new things going on in my life. For example, as of Friday….boyfriend and I have a pet hedgehog! Awesome!


What a cute little fella!

Taken back in October by his previous owner!

Isn’t he an adorable little guy? But there was one concern we had. The little guy was terrified of us! He had a little blankie we have him to hide from the evil light overlords while he slept all day (hedgehogs are nocturnal), and he would venture out occasionally, but if anyone made a noise or got too close or he noticed we were looking at him, he’d run away! And if you uncovered him, he’d curl up into a spiky ball and huff at you until you left him alone.

This made us sad. Very sad. We had a hedgehog, but he seemed to actively hate us! We then went to the internet, holder of all secrets. It told us that hedgehogs are naturally afraid of everything and to not take it personally, essentially, with a few tips on how to make the hedgehog love you. That didn’t work so well for boyfriend. He wanted hedgie love NOW, and he was going to get it.

He remembered that they had been talking about exposure therapy and flooding in his abnormal psychology class, and wanted to try it himself with the hedgehog, to see if it would work. So, boyfriend convinced me that we should take out his hiding blanket, and see if he would calm down and walk around. And he did. After he calmed down from spiky ball, he walked around, sniffing everything, seeing if he could find his blankie. Nope, no blankie. He then played with his woven tube and a super big toilet paper tube that I managed to get from campus (they have big toilet paper rolls, and I like to get them for my mice sometimes if I notice an empty one, because they make cuddle piles in it and they’re so cute.). Ate a little. I put my hand in there and he came up to me and touched my hand with his nose. So cute.

He even willingly came out of his cage onto the bed with us (we had put his cage on the bed for this reason). I helped him out a little (his tube was a bit too steep of an incline for him) , and then he was climbing all over the bed. He was even sitting on my lap looking up at me for a moment or two. I was so happy. He got annoyed after I wouldn’t let him off the towel (when he pees, apparently he pees a LOT. So, did not want pee or poo on the bed!) so we let him back in the tank and gave him back his blankie. But even after we gave him back the blankie, he still kept coming out and hanging out in his cage without hiding.

I really wish I had a hedgie safe apartment, because they can run free if given the proper environment. And you can even litter train them, which I’m planning on starting later today. And I’m going to make him some fleece liners, so it stays nice and warm in there, so that the bedding won’t go all over the apartment like like it does with the mice, and it’ll look nicer AND be more environmentally friendly AND save me money, so that I’ll only need to buy him food, not bedding. There’s a blue and white sky looking color, and a purple one with multicolored elephants all over it. They’re wicked easy to use….put ’em in the tank at the bottom, afterwords, shake ’em out and throw ’em in the washing machine! Really convenient, especially if I manage to litter train him. 🙂

As for the name…it hasn’t been decided yet. He came to me with the name Taji. I had seen a typo or something somewhere and thought his name was Haji. Boyfriend keeps calling him Hejifer. And I want to name him Moridin or Rand (Wheel of Time FTW!). Which one he gets referred to as changes based on our mood at the time. He won’t learn his own name, from what I can tell, so it doesn’t seem pressing. Right now I’m still in shock that I really have a hedgehog that lives with me, it’s so cute!

But, I will bid thee all adieu. I’m trying out something new that will make it so that I will have more frequent blog posts, so expect more posts this week!

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