If I did my math right (which I may not have….)

About $8000 will get me finished up with school, assuming that everything would transfer fine and I understood the requirements right. For undergrad, that is. Graduate school is a whole ‘nother beast. And we’re talking, like, before aid and everything….

Me finishing school involves a lot less debt than I was expecting. A lot less.

Still need to fix up a few issues before I go back though. Residual annoyances from the whole having to stop going in the first place, which lead to me moving here in the first place. So I need to get a job, and get money, before I can go. But that is **crosses fingers** hopefully falling into place. And now that I’m thinking about it, that’s making me endlessly worried too. Gulp. But they offer tuition reimbursement, so that’d make things even easier….

Dear god though, it’s getting close. It’s looking more and more possible. I can almost taste it. It’s so close it hurts, and it’s so hard to wait. And I can’t even go talk to them until I get the financial shit sorted out, because if I get it all planned out and then it takes too long and I can’t go…I’d be crushed. I honestly don’t think I could handle that. To get so close to going back, just to fail….can’t do it. But….

This is a lot less to worry about than I thought it was. I mean, $8000 isn’t pocket change. But I remember when I first went away to school, about $8000 was the gap between my aid and what I needed. And for that to be all that’s left for me to finish….makes it seem a lot more manageable.

Maybe I’ll be able to fulfil my resolution to finish school come fall semester. That’d be nice. If I get the job I want, I’ll be able to fulfil all my resolutions. Here’s to this being an amazing year!