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Boyfriend and I have been playing Pokemon a whole bunch recently. Why? Because we’re ridiculous…

But it made me want to talk about when I first got my gameboy and my first Pokemon cartridge.

My first inkling of pokemon came from a friend I had named Mike. He was super into video games, and got Nintendo Power magazine in the mail. He would show me all about it, and tell me that I needed to get this game, and to make sure I got blue version, because he was getting red version, and how it was going to be all sorts of fun, and he’d catch these pokemon and trade for these other pokemon and it’d be great.

I went and told my mom that those two things were my christmas list. My ENTIRE christmas list.

I remember how sad I was the day when I was told they didn’t think they’d be able to get it for me.

A week or two later, I was asked if I would mind spending my christmas money on getting the game if they bought me the gameboy. My mood perked up, because at that point, I’d do anything to play it. I said, “Of course!”

Now, I feel the need to add here, that I’m not quite sure exactly why I was so excited about this game. I played video games at the time, but I wouldn’t have really considered myself a gamer. Hell, I was still playing a NES most of the time, although, I think by that point, I may have had a N64 at my grandma’s house. All I remember is my friend telling me it was gonna be super cool, him telling me it was almost like a cult or religion or something in Japan, and that I really really really wanted that game. I’m sure there must have been some other reason why, because even as a foolish child (I was 10), there must have been something else going on to make me want that game so bad.

I remember that Christmas morning. I remember opening the gameboy, and being super excited. Not only was it a gameboy color (I believe I had stated at one point that even one of the older ones would work as long as it would play pokemon), but it was one of the clear ones, just like I had wanted. I thought it was so cool you could see all the stuff inside of it. It added a cool factor to the whole thing, I thought. But due to the question I had been asked earlier, I had kinda been expecting it….

And then I remember opening the next present.

And it was Pokemon Blue.

It was the right version of the game I had been dreaming about for months. Even if it had been red, I would have been stoked, but it was blue.

If I remember correctly, I kinda lost my shit. Jumping up and down in happiness, crying happy tears, hugs all around and a million “Thank you!”s. I might have exaggerated it in my head, but I remember just being so very very happy about it.

I immediately opened them both up, ripping the boxes to hell in my impatience to get in there. I remember thinking how small the game was, in comparison to the box. And then I never looked back.

Apparently, there was an option during Christmas that year. Get a gameboy, or get a cable box so that the TV in your room will be able to get cable. I chose the gameboy.

I only remember this because a while later, my grandpa asked me if I regretted getting the gameboy yet. And I said no. And he asked, “What will you get more use out of? A cable box, or that stupid gameboy?” And I replied, “The gameboy!” Mind you, I was still playing that game, while I was talking to him.

It was the truth. I got so much use out of that gameboy. Not only did I play blue version on there, but also yellow version, and gold AND silver. I logged so many hours on each of those games, not stopping with one until the next one came out. And with the exception of a gameboy advance that my boyfriend gave to me but a roomie stole a month later so it wasn’t even really mine for that long, it’s the only gameboy I’ve owned to this day. My little siblings have played with it too. I still have it, and bust it out every so often when I’m in the mood for some “retro” pokemon. Because as cool as emulators are, there’s something magical about going back and playing them on that gameboy.

It’s probably just the nostalgia talking, but it feels like childhood.


Internet Roundup

So, I’m still having some school problems, so for this week, WTF Wednesday and FTW Friday are gonna be combined together…

Link 1

Jusin Beiber slowed down by 800%. It’s a 30-something minute track of awesomesauce. I seriously burned this to a CD and put it into my rotation of night CDs (I fall asleep better listening to music, so I have a number of sleepytime music). Not because it’s boring, but because it’s calm and soothing, and, most importantly…AWESOME!

Link 2

A Panera where the price is only suggested…you pay what you want. And 50-90% pay either at or higher than the suggested price. Really cool idea, I think, especially with “the economy” being the way that it is…

Link 3

I’ll let the article speak….

Harvard University researchers have found that, in both laboratory and mouse studies, delta-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) cuts tumor growth in half in common lung cancer while impeding the cancer’s ability to spread.

The compound “seems to have a suppressive effect on certain lines of cancer cells,” explained Dr. Len Horovitz, a pulmonary specialist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.

According to the researchers, THC fights lung cancer by curbing epidermal growth factor (EGF), a molecule that promotes the growth and spread of particularly aggressive non-small cell lung cancers.

See? It helps cure cancer. LUNG cancer.Even inhaling it’s hot smoke is beneficial to you…

Link 4

They found a way to use an organic dye to make any piece of glass into a solar panel…awesome ^_^

Link 5 (NSFW, or I’d post a pic of it..)

It’s a necklace with a vagina charm. This one I think is pretty awesome. I like the colors, and the way they look together. Very 90’s, but judging by the title, that was the point. If it still is for sale when I have enough money (sorta unemployed at the moment..) I think I’ll buy it…

Link 6

Apparently, the blue dye from M&M’s can help treat spinal injuries…and cute blue mice…

Link 7

Passive aggressive apology letters to BP. Brilliant! I was in stitches.

Link 8

This is a brilliant invention. It could save you so much money on soda…over time, anyways. I drink a lot of soda, so it would work for me.

Link 9:

Pokemon, let me show you them!

If you don’t know why this is awesome…..go find a first gen Pokemon game. >_<

Link 10

Apparently, a prison in the US is going to be using a “laser pain ray” to try to control the inmates…the part that really gets me tho is this quote from the article:

Prison officers have even tested the non-lethal weapon on themselves and say it is excruciatingly painful.

Wow, this REALLY REALLY hurts….let’s go use it on other people! >_<

Link 11:


And with that, I bid thee all adieu!

FTW Friday!


So, now that I have internet back, I can make regular posts, without having to sit in the exact right position to see what unsecured networks :-p


Awesome science FTW

Catchy. Usually I hate autotune, but I feel like this is an acceptable use. 🙂 Plus, it has Bill Nye the science guy in it! I loved Bill Bye as a kid! Like, if I knew Bill Nye was on TV, I’d change the channel, no matter how much my sisters protested. And it was always a good science class when our teacher turned on a Bill Nye episode. Plus, the whole meaning of the song is pretty sweet. I suggest you check all of the Symphony of Science things out. Here’s a link to the youtube channel where you can find all of them. I heartily enjoy all of them. And check out the Billy Mays tribute while you’re there. So many cool videos, I could probably make a post just out of that youtube channel, but I’ll refrain from doing so….


I like complaining FTW!

It involves subtitles, so if you don’t like that, you won’t like it. But I thought it was really cute and clever and funny. I have learned to not watch it when easily saddened, because there’s a line that makes me sad. The one where, “My flat is small, but it eats all my money so I have nothing left with which to save the world” or something along those lines. It kinda hits close to home with me, because if I didn’t have all my moneez (and I mean, ALL) go to bills and feeding myself, I would donate money to the people who play those sad animal commercials, but I can’t, so I just cry (yes, they make me actually cry) when I go to my mom’s place and actually have cable (cable is a bill that, alas, I cannot afford under my current monetary constraints, and neither can me roomies). But, besides that, this video is totally awesome, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! ‘Cause so much of it is true, or funny, or both!


Political FTW!

This video is pretty legit cool. Except for I advocate for the complete abolition of copyrights, but that’s a completely different post. So for now, I’ll just say that this is pretty awesome. Look forward to a rambling post about copyright in the (probably!) near future!


Thought-provoking FTW

Dr.  Q sent me this link, and…I dunno. It made me think. I haven’t really come to any conclusions. Let me know your thoughts in the comments, if you want. It’ll be cool. Maybe we can have a fun conversation in the comments or something 🙂


All-over-awesome-unexpected FTW!

My good bestest girlie friend (Thank you, S-puu!) sent me this link a while back, and I forgot it existed. But I remembered it after her boyfriend dude, Bearface of the Bear-face clan, sent me the complaining video up there **points up** So I asked her to re-link me. It just puts a huge smile on my face when I watched it. So, I figured I’d pass it on to you!



Bearface and S-puu linked me this a week or two ago, but it was nighttime, and my boyfriend was sleeping, and my internet was being stupid, and so I decided to watch it today, now that I have **lights shine from above** working internet! And it made me giggle. ‘Cause I used to play World of Warcrack…erm, I mean Warcraft. So..I dunno. It just makes me giggle. ^_^ I thought it was win!

Next! (and for now, lastly!)

Somewhat disturbing FTW!

You had a pikachu…kill a squirtle….collecting leaves…for **GAME*????? **blink blink** I want those hoodies tho. I might make them, if I have the energy and enough money at some point to buy the supplies. But (that game) is wicked fun to play. Boyfriend has it on his W, from virtual console. We play it sometimes. It’s fun. But yeah, that video makes me giggle.

Thus concludes another FTW Friday. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get out more non-fluff posts soon, so that there’ll be original Momo content, instead of just link regurgitation.

See ya soon!


WTF Wednesday OMG-still-don’t-have-internet-but-will-tomorrow!-edition

First of all, a picture!


Bear-face sent this to me. And I immediately knew it was WTF-Wednesday material. Why is he Bear-face? Because he is Bear, so he has a “bear-face”. Hahahahaha.


Fuck hipsters WTF

There’s just so much WTF in this video I’m not quite sure where to begin…but I’ll try

1. The screaming. Screaming can have a place in music. That, however, isn’t it. Try again. Or, you know, don’t, and save my ears…

2. The guy in the pink shirt looks like an ex roomie of mine who I’m kinda really pissed with now, due to some fucked up shit he’s done.

3. The random words spelt out on the side. Yes, I know they’re lyrics. But I dunno, I feel like it doesn’t really work with the video, is all

4. Putting your hands around the throat of a woman with people on both sides screaming LIAR at her just MIGHT be seen as a dick move. Especially when you have the girl act like it’s nothing out of the ordinary…

5. …Okay, I fail, I don’t have a long enough attention span to point out more wtf-ery. I’m sure you all can though!


Book WTF

Semen Cookbook

I’ll take this direct from the website itself:

Semen is not only nutritious, but it also has a wonderful texture and amazing cooking properties. Like fine wine and cheeses, the taste of semen is complex and dynamic. Semen is inexpensive to produce and is commonly available in many, if not most, homes and restaurants. Despite all of these positive qualities, semen remains neglected as a food.

……that’s okay. You can have my portion of the semen food. That’s okay, I promise.

Click the picture to read more, and, if you want/need, buy the book.


Old-skool wtf!

Yep. Back before all those regulations on cigarette ads came into being….**giggle**

Enjoy! Be sure to come back for FTW Friday! And once my internet comes back into being, I’ll start posting more often again!

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