1. NaNoWriMo is going okay. Had to change my plot a few times, ’cause it wadsn’t working out…until I found the ending I loved, until I found out that this books I was reading ended the same way. Well played, Brandon Sanderson, well played….

2. My Wheel of Time book STILL isn’t here. Came out on Tuesday. Didn’t ship until yesterday. With a USPS tracking nuWhmber, so I doubt I’ll get any useful information until it shows up at my doorstep. I don’t like them. But I like getting my book. Squee. A friend “spoiled” a bit of it, but it’s okay, and really only makes me more excited, because the fun of these books is more seeing HOW and WHY things happen, more than the WHAT, if that makes any sense. Seriously, read these books. Give it to at least the end of the second book before you quit. The first book is slow, but if you’re not hooked by the end of the second book, it’s hopeless. But the insane length is worth it so far, trust me….

3. My mice babies are now squeaking. I chanced a peek, and while most of them are still kinda hairless, a few of them are gaining little black spots like their daddy mouse. Looks like they’ll either look like mommy or daddy with no crosses in between, but we’ll see. In a week or so, they’ll be fuzzy and running around and such, so I’ll know then. I got a big ol’ tank from my mom, so that I can do the divider thing for real this time, with plexiglass or real glass or whatever, so that they can’t get around, and it’s a HUGE tank, so I’m not worried about crowding. I’m more worried about separating the boys and girls once they’re old enough, truth be told. Still looking for homes for them, because I don’t want them to go to the pet store to be fed to snakes. And they don’t treat them as well at the bed store, they don’t get handled as often and such, so they’re more likely to be mean biters…

4. Asmodean (daddy mouse) has been biting my finger recently, but not drawing blood. Apparently, that means he’s playing or warning me. Yesterday he sniffed all around my hand and even touched it with his paw and it was adorable. I love my little mice. I just wish they didn’t have babies. SO MANY BABIES!!!!

5. Still no job. Still looking. All over the place. Hard not to get discouraged, but I try. There are definately times when I want to curl up and hide and think that no one wants me, ever, but then I dust myself off and keep trying. If I don’t try, I’ll never get a job, right?

6. Here, I’ll give you the first 2 paragraphs of my horrible fantasy novel that I’m writing for NaNoWriMo. I already know it’s horrible, I just feel the need to share anyways…

Alendi sighed and turned back to his book as his father left. These arguments drained him, with his father always insisting Alendi become more like he. Alendi refused to turn out like his father. He has watched his father be a tyrannical lord for too long, and he refused to act as such himself. Too much was at stake. When he took up the position as head of the Danger house, he would be a different sort of lord. One who was kind, instead of cruel. One that worked with the people, instead of against them. One who worked for freedom, not for more oppression.
It didn’t matter yet that he did not yet know how to do that. That was why he read. He was trying to absorb as many different types of political theory as he could. They all had their flaws, but maybe if he made some sort of hybrid system, it would be workable… Nor did he look much like someone who was going to be the next lord of his house. His light brown curly hair was never neat, and he insisted on wearing clothes made of wool and cotton, instead of the normal silk worn by lords and their families, and cut in a style from a few years back, rather than the newest style. He often had a distracted, scholarly air about him due to the books he read. One could forget all that when they looked into his eyes. When his focused on someone or something, his ice blue eyes had been known to cause people to flinch.

Yeah, waiting for NaNoReMo (National Novel Revising Month…not an official thing, but everyone agrees revising takes time away from growing your word count…) to fix it. Made goal yesterday by the skin of my teeth. Can’t write today. Not in even a remotely workable writing mood. There’s (hopefully, need to mess with it) going to be a widget on the side bar with my progress, if you so desire to look at such a thing. 🙂 Remember, the goal is 50,000 words, with 1667 needed a day to make the goal….

7. Happy Guy Fawkes Day. Remember remember the fifth of November, the gunpowder treason and plot. I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot. Since there aren’t bonfires in most areas this side of the pond, I recommend watching V For Vendetta, and then reading the comic. The comic is far superior, but the movie is still very well done. I’m not sure how long the embed will word (most of the copies on youtube have the embed disabled…) but if you can;t find it, look up V for Vendetta TV speech on TV….

And this scene is pretty awesome as well…the cool part starts at 4:25 or so, but the entire clip is just win….

…and that’s what I’m going to be doing tonight…

8.  …I’m contemplating making a few comic strips out of my NaNoWriMo, which would help overcome a lot of the awkwardness inherent in my NaNo due to the medium and the story I’m trying to tell. So my NaNo would essentially be a “script” of sorts for my comic. Anyone have any thoughts on this? And any random names anyone has to suggest for my webcomic name? I’ve got a crapton of strips, just not the webspace to put them anywhere at the moment…..