So..finals are done, huzzah! I sent in my last take home final at around 3:30 yesterday! My (second to last!) semester is over! Should be my last, but I digress, not going to get angry about things I cannot change…

During finals week, they have free food at the dining hall for students. Last night’s theme was pizza, pasta, and 80’s music.

Boyfriend and I were sitting at a table, minding our own business, reading the paper (yes, we are strange) and complaining that the pizza was even worse than usual (which is quite a feat….the normal pizza can pretty damn scary…) when all of a sudden, we hear clapping. I look up, and I see someone has jumped up on a table and was dancing. To 80’s music. It was like I had been plopped down in a movie! And the people working in the dining hall seemed just as surprised as we were to see people dancing on the table, so I’m pretty sure it was as spontaneous as it seemed….

Things quieted down for a while. Then a few minutes later, people were back on the table, but then there were more people dancing off the table, and people were singing. I had finished eating, and was ready to go anyways, so boyfriend and I left, sighing at the fact that our dining hall had become the set for an 80’s movie. We were torn between thinking it was awesome and amazing, and wtf-ing about the whole thing.

But, now I’m off to find a job. Yeah, that thing I still don’t have. Still. Fuck my life, etc. Wish me luck!