Day 1 – Do you believe in god?/What religion are you?
Day 2 – Do you believe in an afterlife? What do you believe happens when you die?
Day 3 – Are you proud to be from whatever country you are from?
Day 4 – What is your view on gay marriage? Homosexuality in general?
Day 5 – Do you think sex before marriage is okay?
Day 6 – How do you feel that sex education should be handled in schools?
Day 7 – Do you want to get married and/or have kids?
Day 8 – Do you think any drugs should be legalized? Do you think there should be an age for drinking?
Day 9 – Pro-life or pro-choice?
Day 10 – Have any opinions about year-round schooling?
Day 11 – What do you think about prostitution? Should it be legal?
Day 12 – Do you think men today are too “wimpy” and need to “man up”? How do you feel about gender roles as a whole?
Day 13 – Do you think there should be an age to get tattoos/piercings without the consent of a parent?
Day 14 – Do you believe in aliens?
Day 15 – Do you believe in regrets? Do you have any terrible ones?
Day 16 – What do you want to happen to your body when you die?
Day 17 – How about that cloning stuff?

Day 18 – What is your take on people who self harm (cutting, burning, scratching etc etc.)
Day 19 – Do you think high schools should give out free contraceptives?
Day 20 – What do you think about plastic surgery?
Day 21 – What do you think about the death penalty?
Day 22 – Do you say your country’s national anthem/pledge of allegiance when it is said/listened to?
Day 23 – What do you think about thinspo?
Day 24 – Euthanasia – Your thoughts?
Day 25 – Do you think violent video games should be banned?
Day 26 – Which do you think should be taught in schools: Evolution or creationism?
Day 27 – “Illegal” downloading – Yay or nay?
Day 28 – Do you think zero tolerance policies are effective in achieving their objectives?
Day 29 – Do you feel as though women should be able to walk around topless like men? Why or why not?
Day 30 – Do you think the internet should be censored?

As someone who has done this to herself at one point in her life…

I don’t know.

I know there are a few people who do it for attention. But there are also people who do it because they’re feeling pain and confusion and don’t really know how else to deal with it. And I’ve also seen people who use scarification as a body modding technique.

Who am I to judge? But I would definitely talk to someone about why they do it, and be open and non-judgmental. Sometimes it can just be someone who truly listens and truly understands that causes a person to stop cutting if the issue is pain and/or isolation. You can try recommending that the person get help, but…if they’re resistant, don’t push too hard. It’s REALLY easy to lie to someone. I should know. I had visits with a school social worker type person (for an unrelated issue…) and lied through my teeth to her about my life. And if they aren’t comfortable with talking to someone else about it, they won’t. A person needs to want to be helped, otherwise it’s all for show. Be there, be caring, but know you can’t save them from this if they don’t want to be.

Other than that, I believe what I have always believed. A person should be allowed to do whatever they want with their own bodies. Even if that ends up doing something that you would consider harming themselves. I wish it wouldn’t happen, and I worry whenever I hear about someone cutting, and try to encourage them to stop, but in the end, it’s their own decision. And who knows, stopping it could cause them to turn to another outlet to try to make it better.

This is all coming out wrong. And I know there are going to be people who disagree with me. Vehemently, even. But…there you have it.