My heart is with all the people affected by the horrible earthquake and tsunami in Japan. If I prayed, my prayers would be with them too.

If you have spare cash and are inclined to do so, please donate to the Red Cross. Not even just for Japan. They do a lot of good stuff, and could probably use some more funding to help them out (even though I think it’s ridiculous that they won’t let you donate blood if you’re gay, but that’s a FDA thing, not a Red Cross thing)

Here’s to hoping for a speedy recovery, and that the “troubled” nuclear reactors don’t go boom and kill us all!


Edit: Commenter “Rebekah” made a point in her comment that I found so important that I should share with you:

Always donate to the Red Cross or to International Red Cross, not to a specific disaster like “International Red Cross – Haiti.” People donated after the California earthquake, what was that, fifteen years ago? and the checks were made out to that disaster. Now, that money is sitting in a bank and no one can touch it because the money had been earmarked.

I’ve heard similar things. Apparently, they can use it if there’s a disaster that falls within the same parameters, but all that money that could be used for helping others is sitting in a bank, useless. Also, another good charity to donate to is Doctors Without Borders. I’ve heard that they’re a very good organization with low overhead that does great work, so I’d suggest checking them out if you’re in the market to make a donation.