This counts as your third post for yesterday. I went out to watch Blue Valentine and was going to review it…but bad emotional things happened to me during the film so I would rather not revisit it. So….new topic!

You might wonder why I’m always busy. Not only am I a college student, but I’m a college student with a lot of side projects. So I’m going to tell you about them. Feel free to leave me a comment if you have questions about them, or want to work on any of them with me. Maybe we can work things out.

Webcomic – Yes, this is still in the works. What technology i have available keeps changing, so I need to change how I’m making it frequently. Not like I have the money for the hosting even if it was digital. But, just need to keep working towards the dream. It’s probably not going to be all that plot heavy, at least at first. I’m using this to learn how to draw, at first. It’s mostly going to be mostly one shots, or maybe two comics that relate to each other. There was talk of turning what I had for my NaNoWriMo work into my webcomic, but I don’t have the artistic ability to do that at the moment. Maybe at a later date. Or I could start a whole new story. I just want my art to improve first.

Femiblog – I used to read the website Jezebel. But they have been going downhill recently, and the recent new layout really cinched the deal, because now it doesn’t play nicely with my nook color, which is where I do most of my browsing these days. The writers for the site tend to respond to criticism by either saying that they don’t see a problem with it and people are overreacting, or basically saying that they don’t agree with you and you’re wrong so just deal with it. And my friend and I….we didn’t like that. Your readers are the ones reading your posts, giving you hit counts, so that you can get paid. You’re not supposed to be mean and dismissive of them! Hell, I’ll write a whole bunch of blog posts every day if you pay me for it, and hell, I’d be nice to the commenters, AND manage to not be dismissive of them at the same time. So we decided to write a blog. My name might be different on that site, it’s up in the air. But it’s gonna probably cover mostly feminist issues. ‘Cause we’re cool like that. And we’ll use trigger warnings. And listen to any commenter concerns that are brought to us, instead of just brushing it off as “We’re right you’re wrong! RAWR!” Not live yet, but will be live soon…

Cute blog – Well, it’s not just cute things. It’s cute things, and geeky computer things, and game things… boyfriend wants us to make a blog together about our shared interests, as a sort of a bonding experience. It’ll be live as soon as one of us gets our camera fixed.

Nook color – Why would this be an ongoing project? Because I rooted it. Took maybe 5 minutes, excluding the time it took to download the files and wait for the adapter needed to use a microsd card with this computer. I would recommend it. So, basically, I get to replace all the default nook stuff with android stuff. Different launchers, different browsers, different battery meters…different everything! And there are so many options! I have to try them out to see which ones I like!

Pets – Mice and hedgehog need taking care of and playing. I love those little rascals. ❤

Surviving – For some reason, life likes throwing me curve balls recently. So, I get to work at surviving. Huzzah! I’m alright, just…things never work out easily, do they?

And that’s it for my current in-progress projects. I have one or two working projects, but I don’t feel like talking about them, so I bid you all adieu!