Sorry i haven’t posted the past few days. Life is busy and I’ve got the head cold that refuses to quit. So you’ll be getting three posts today to make up for it.

So, update on the hedgie. He has been a lot less shy. Boyfriend and I have been taking him out each time he will let us. One of his favorite past times is getting his head stuck in a toilet paper tube. Squee. Working on getting video of that. Another is biting at my huge stuffed hedgehog. If i put it near him he just “attacks” it. He goes and tries to chew on it. Silly hedgie thinks he is ferocious beast! RAWR!!!! There is even photo evidence of the hedgie doing this…the picture should show up somewhere in this post….using a wordpress app from my tablet so I apologize for any weirdness… A friend of mine took it for me in the dark with a cell phone camera because my camera is busted, so I apologize if it seems unclear…

There is less curling up into a ball and huffing behavior which I am glad for. He still does it, but less often and for shorter periods. I love this little fellow. He’s not cuddly and friendly like I had hoped but he’s so cute and adorable and silly and stubborn and doesn’t realize that what he views as being scary and intimidating is actually squee-worthy.

Anyways not a whole lot else is new about my cute little guy. ❤ So see you next post!