Disclaimer: I wrote this post in like…5 minutes before one of my classes. So if it doesn’t make sense or seems disjointed, I apologize…and if anyone sees boyfriend’s post…I THOUGHT OF IT FIRST SO NYAH!


So, long story short: Guy had job that involves box cutters. Guy forgets to take them out of his bag before flying. Bag gets by the TSA WITH THREE BOXCUTTERS in his bag, and nobody notices anything until guy tries to put bag in overhead compartment and the box cutters fall out. Flight attendant sees them, alerts security, etc. Nothing bad happens to guy because it was an accident and not his fault. All well and good, right? No harm no foul?

Normally, I’d agree. Then I saw a quote from a TSA rep.

The TSA spokeswoman Davis insisted that the traveling public was not at risk.

“There have been a number of additional security layers that have been implemented on aircraft that would prevent someone from causing harm with boxcutters,” she insisted.

I copy/pasted that directly from the source. I can’t make it up.

If it’s not a big deal…then why are you screening people for it in the first place? Hell, in a way, that’d make planes safer. Hypothetical situation time: If I were to hijack a plane (which I would never do. Ever. It’s a stupid idea.) with a boxcutter (again, a stupid idea), I would think twice if I knew that there was a possibility everyone else on the plane had a boxcutter. But if I was the only one with a boxcutter, there would be fewer variables to stop me.

Just more proof that it’s not for actual security, it’s security theater, used to make us more compliant to their invasions on our privacy.