My post for today: A short story about something that happened to me recently ^_^

So, recently, I was sitting in one of my classes waiting for the professor to walk in.  When he does, I see he’s wearing a big ol’ A pin. Most of you probably have no idea what I’m talking about, so here’s a picture…


Atheism A

It looked like this! Click the picture for source


I was excited! I knew what it was talking about!

It wasn’t a reference to The Scarlett Letter as my mother thought. Oh no, it was an atheism pin! I had seen some online, and some references online, but it was the first time I had ever seen one in public.

Being quite an open atheist myself (I don’t know if I ever mentioned that here…hi! I’m Momo the atheist! If I haven’t, I’ll be writing a more comprehensive post about why I believe what I believe soon…) I had to go up and talk to him after class.

“Does that A pin mean what I think it means?” I asked, a hopeful note in my voice.

“What do you think it means?” The professor asked back.

“I think that it’s an atheism pin!” I replied back, excitedly.

“You’re right!” the professor replied.

“Awesome! So excited! I’ve seen those pins online but had never seen one in real life!” I explained.

He then went on to explain how more of the population is atheist than most people think and how just because someone doesn’t explicitly state they’re an atheist doesn’t mean they aren’t, and the like. Which was kinda meh, ’cause I already knew that.

The really cool thing about it happened at the end of the next class. As I was packing up, getting ready to leave, he came over, and asked, “Hey, want a pin?” and put something on the desk.

It was this:


A button

This is what he gave for source!


Off topic, but that came from the same website the first one came for…hmmm….oddly enough, the guy seems to be a hardcore Christian….confuses me, but meh.

Anyways, I was quite pleased. He saw how excited about it I was so he gave me one of my own! It currently sits on the strap of my mini backpack (which I use as a combination purse/school backpack….just swap out the folders before you go to class the next day…), and decided it looked lonely, so I added some other cool pins/buttons I have. including my “I think therefore I’m dangerous” one, my “Free Hugs!” with a rainbow one, and my Bowie pin, among others 🙂 It reminds me of middle school and high school, when my friends and I used to sew patches onto our messenger bags and put pins all over them to show how “different” we were. I was so silly back then. But I like it, having the pins. I’ve been trying to avoid ruffling too many people’s feathers recently, not saying controversial things in class, or participate in online comment wars…I have to let off steam somehow 🙂

That’s all for today’s Momo blog. If wordpress likes me well enough, you -should- be getting a new post tomorrow. Hope all is well!