Life is mostly okay. School started up last week, however, due to two inconvenient snow days, one of them being on the first day of classes, all the stuff is not yet sorted out. Alas. Sadly, it’s mostly the school taking forever to take care of things. Even if it takes them past add/drop period to fix everything, I’ll still be able to attend, I think, I’ll just need to pay $10 to register…but I’m getting ahead of myself. I’ll write more about that tomorrow, during my break in classes, after I get an update from financial aid and find out if I get to add my senior seminar…

To hold you over until then, however, I’ve got some silliness for you.

Tonight, boyfriend and I started playing Ultima IX. It’s a game from…1999? According to wikipedia, at least. I was like…10 0r 11 at the time it came out, which amuses me greatly to think about.

Anyways, at the beginning, there are these crazy hard wolves. I don’t know why, but they just kept wrecking us. We’re talking multiple times killing us (mostly due to boyfriend not wanting to heal, but I digress. Even without that, each hit took away a lot more health than we expected.) One attacked us unexpectedly, while we had low health, so we ran into a nearby pool to try to get away from us. I guess the game glitched, or wolves are magic in Brittania, because it WALKED OUT ONTO THE WATER AFTER US.

We got to the other side of the pool, then circled around. The wolf was still on the water. I think it must have gotten stuck there, because it was staring right at us but not attacking. We thought this was strange, so we took a screen shot…

You can clearly see the wolf is on the water. WWWOOOLLLVVVEEESSS on the WAAAATTTEEERRRR ran through my head when I first thought of it (click here if you miss the reference)

There’s a king in the game called Lord British. (Hahaha, Lord British, King of Brittania….sorry, easily amused) Apparently, you can kill him in each game, as a bit of an easter egg. At least, that’s what boyfriend told me. This game? Poison bread. Don’t believe me? Here, have a video…(not taken by me, found on youtube, because I’m too lazy to set up capability to do it myself…)…enjoy!

Well, I’m off to play more games, and relax before school tomorrow. Off to campus to -hopefully- add a psych senior seminar at 10, then two other classes tomorrow. Wish me luck, will update again tomorrow! Wish me luck!