So…update on how the school stuff is going, for those of you who are interested in such things…

So, before break, I went and made sure everything was okay for me to get back. Financial aid had lost a form, but whatever, I can deal with this. I ask if I can bring it after break, since I was leaving for my family’s the next day, they were about to close, and they were closed the next day, making it impossible for me to drop by with it before leaving. They say okay.

I give them the form earlier this week…and they had somehow filed away my file because they “didn’t know you were coming back”…..even though every other department in the bloody school knows it. AND I talked to you before break about it? GAH?!?!?!

…BUT! There is a happy ending. I stopped by a few days later, to figure out a general timeline to see if I was going to be prevented from returning AGAIN by their incompetence. They looked into things, and apparently, everything will be investigated on Monday. So Tuesday,  barring a catastrophe, I -should- have the last little piece of paper they need from me in my little grubby hands, at which time I will quickly check the proper boxes and sign and hand back to them. Then it’s all on them. 

I hate all this stress. Just because during the summer they couldn’t mail a piece of mail to the address that I had given to them, even after I had triple checked and they assured me it would go to the right place **sigh**

But, hopefully, this will be the last bitching about school post, knock on wood. We’ll see what happens Tuesday. If something goes wrong, I think I’ll flip my wig or something.

Walking in May even though I don’t finish until August, whee! Go summer session >_<