So, first thing is first…barring any more financial aid snafus, I’m going back to school this semester. Woohoo. All settled for sure yesterday. Huzzah!

Secondly, I survived the mouse thing. Ended up giving the males to the pet shop, because definite death in the cage is worse than a potential new owner from the pet shop. And as far as I’m concerned, that’s what happened. Then, later that day, my friend who I had promised females to came by and yoinked the 3 non-momma-or-baby mice I had left. But the next day the babies started crawling around the tank, so all was well. They’re so cute, and ready to be weaned and sexed in the next week or so. There’s a grey-and-white one that I’m really hoping is female so that I get to keep her, because she’s the only one out of both litters who looks like that.  And I found out that if you take mice to petco and specify that they’re pet mice, they’ll keep them for people wanting pet mice, so there will be less angst when I have to part with this crop of boys. My mom loves the two mice I gave her and my sister so much that they’re thinking of yoinking two more over break 🙂

I’m taking  the GRE on December 23rd. It costs $160 dollars for the general, and supposedly lasts 4 HOURS. I mean, that’s probably in SAT hours, so I’ll be done much sooner, but I’ll still have to sit there until the 4 hours is up. It appears to be a more beast version on the old SAT (the one that went up to 1600, not the one that goes up to 2400)…but they’re updating it for next year’s applicants. So while normally the GRE is good for 5 years or so, mine is good for one. Bleh. But a relative donated the GRE money for this go at it, so huzzah!

Still no luck on the job hunt,  but being able to apply for on-camus jobs widens the pool, which can’t hurt 🙂

Anyways, it’s cold in the room I’m sitting in. I’m going to go watch a movie in the other, warmer, room. It’s Up! tonight. Looks cute, and boyfriend, who has seen it before, says it is, so hopefully this’ll be a good one!