I don’t know what I’m going to do…

Asmodean and Padawan had their first litter. Asmo jumped on Padawan the day she gave birth. That resulted in a second litter. I separated them, but there was a mishap, and there’s the possibility that Asmo impregnated her again. The only person who has taken any is my mom and sister, who collectively took 2.

I can’t keep them all. I can’t afford to feed them, quite honestly. A bag of food that would usually last a month and a half lasted maybe 3 weeks? And that was bought BEFORE the little squeakers started eating solid food. And the mouse food isn’t THAT expensive, it’s about $7, but it adds up, and I’m unemployed. And add in the fact that I need to change the bedding more often because there’s more mouse shit in there…

I COULD give them to the pet store, but I know that most of the mice the pet store has are fed to snakes, and the idea of the mice getting eaten seriously makes me cry. Like, we’re talking me sobbing for a good half an hour crying. I don’t cry at the thought of other people taking them…but knowing that they’d most likely be eaten…I can’t d it. I can give them as pets, but I can’t do it if I know they’ll be food, or killed, or what have you… and I haven’t the heart to set them lose, either. It’s winter, and cold, and they, and their ancestors, have been raised in tanks, so their survival skills are probably close to non-existent¬†besides “Run away from the human”.

I just don’t know what to do. Boyfriend is pressuring me to do something about them, I won’t be able to feed all of them for much longer, and when I even think about, nevermind try, to bring them to the pet store, I start sobbing, and no one seems to want any of them.

So I ask again, does anyone want any mice? Please, to make a sad Momo stop crying?