So, a bit of back story. I read a book series that I’ve been reading since I was in middle school, called The Wheel of Time (link goes to wiki). The series itself has been going on for 20 years, or, in other words, since I was 2.

These books, to me, are a big. fucking. deal.

So, book 13 is coming out November 2nd. I went and did a re-read of all the previous books, ’cause 13 is the second to last book, and I hadn’t read some of these books since I was in middle school. Once I finished, a few days ago, I went on amazon to go buy it, since it was much cheaper there than in stores. I also ended up buying a few other things to make the super saver shipping happen (AKA, free shipping).

I had ordered a preorder book before from amazon. It was the last Harry Potter book.(Shut up, Harry Potter is good. And lest you think I only read those because I couldn’t handle heavier fare? My SAT reading comprehension placed me in the top 3% for reading comprehension, and when I took the ASVAB to get out of a test in a class, I had military people blowing up my mom’s house phone ’cause my reading scores were so high, and my mom had to threaten to report them for harassment to get them to stop). At that point, I also ordered another few things to get the shipping….I think the guy I was dating had a gift certificate that he was letting me blow…and they mailed out my other stuff first, and then my Harry Potter book got sent out the day before the release date.

Picking the same options (Free shipping, no we don’t want to pay extra money for you to ship things separately)…they’re not sending out the other things until the book comes out. -_-‘ I think this might be because the last Harry Potter book got its own special wrapper. Wheel of Time isn’t big enough to merit that. Oh well.

I had intended on ending the post there, but then I checked my e-mail and found a new gem from Amazon….

Apparently, I’ve bought “Towers of Midnight”. People who buy books by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson **gasp** just MIGHT be interested in the Wheel of Time books. And then there’s a list of a the Wheel of Time books, with an easy buy button right there next to them…

….I just pre-ordered the book that isn’t even out yet. Don’t you think I just -MIGHT- have read the ones that came before it…

Is a little bit of sense too much to ask for Amazon?

P.S. I couldn’t figure out how to work this into my post…but I feel like bragging. My copy of book 12? Got it signed, and in a special way. There was a book signing that my friend brought me to. There were these cool fans who got picked to be Storm Leaders, who helped with the book signing, and in exchange, got free promo material, a cool shirt, and lunch with the new author of the series. I, sadly, had not been picked, but my friend had! I went anyways, ’cause, why the hell not? I helped out anyways, even though I wasn’t a storm leader, ’cause, hey, I wanted to help my friend out! Friend made sure to grab the promo swag for me, and later managed to secure me my own Storm Leader shirt! The author signed my book, “To Momo, An unofficial storm leader”. Of course, instead of Momo, he wrote my real name, but…it was pretty cool. I got everything but the lunch, and it had been too long since I had read the books for me to ask effective questions. I tried for this year, but no Tower Guard (new storm leaders) for me. Oh well, at least I’m getting the book!

Edit: Right after I scheduled this post,I got an e-mail saying some of my stuff is on the way…’s the filler item I ordered to get the free shipping, not preorder book or other book. **sigh and facepalm** Oh well, it’ll get here eventually…