Edit: All is better now. I had a nice long cry and a bit of a mope and I feel better, even though some things in my life still suck…they just seem to suck less. I do really need a new job though….


I was gonna post a post about silly things from my job…and I probably will later…but right now I’m just too mopey…

(“Family” members – All is well. For the most part. I mean, all that I say is true, but it’s not that OMG my life is horrible. I just need a vent)

My job? It sucks. I’m essentially a cleaning woman for the school that I’m normally attending, but am on a leave of absence from. The glares I get from the kids whose dorms I clean makes you think I had killed their mother. And they puke all over the place, and don’t even pretend to try to clean up after themselves. And there are chunks in it, and oh god I’m getting nauseous just remembering it…

I saw the professor I worked for last year on my way to the computer lab for my lunch break. He had a new student worker. And it makes me sad. I liked that job. It was probably one of the best jobs I’ve had. And now…it’s gone, without a chance of being allowed back to work with him, unless she for some reason up and quits…he asked me if I’m still with boyfriend, who is taking an independent study. Everybody gets to hang out with the professor but me…and now I’m tearing up in the computer lab (which, by the way, I never cry in public) because I’m missing being a student, and mourning for the job, which, up until now, I held illusions that I’d be able to get it back next semester.

I hate my job, my apartment is a mess, until I get my paycheck I’ve got bills looming over my head (it’s supposed to come Friday, but they fucked my friend over last week, because they “didn’t get a chance” to put him in payroll last week, which makes me worried for my prospects) and my friends are all too far away or too busy or not free at the same times, and even if I do get a chance to hang out with them, I usually don’t want to, because I’m either too tired or too pissed off from my job. I’ve got a cold that I’m fairly certain comes from the cleaning products I use killing the good bacteria, but I’m probably wrong. I’m almost always tired, because I wake up at 4:30. And this is the most minor, but my painting my nails ever has become pointless, because between the gloves and the cleaning products, it will chip the first day. Ugh.

I’m probably just over exagerating how horrible things are. It’s probably fine. 😦 I’m just really unhappy at the moment, and needed to get some of this off my chest.

There’ll be a happier post later, when I’ve chilled out enough and have stopped being unhappy and such.