So, I live in an apartment. Pay rent and everything. So you can imagine that I don’t live at my mom’s place during the summer, and only come down to visit…

Because of this, I asked the school to mail any and all documents to my apartment, ’cause I don’t go to my mom’s often enough for mail going there to be effective. At the beginning of the summer, I did this, partially because I moved and partially because I know they change over to the parent’s address during the summer unless you tell them otherwise.

I send in the normal forms to my school, ’cause I know they always need those… Apparently, the government randomly decides to verify certain people’s incomes, and signed tax forms aren’t enough. They wanted the W2. But the letter telling me this? It went…….to my moms! >_<

So, I get an e-mail saying that I needed to pay my bill….WTF I thought, why is no aid deducted? Contacted the school. Found out they needed the W-2’s for my mom and I…

We found my mom’s W2, seriously, 3 or so days before class started…

…the school said they won’t be able to process it by this Friday, when I need to be financially cleared by…:-/

I could pay $3080.84 (a third of what they want from me) and get cleared…except oh wait, I’m poor, that’s why I need financial aid in the first place. We’re lucky that I sometimes make rent. Which brings me to my next point..

Due to the fact that they fucked up and mailed shit to the wrong house (which they refuse to apologize or accept any fault for, even though I went OUT OF MY WAY to make sure they had the right address!), I can’t work at the job I was planning on working, since I’m not a student. It was all lined up and everything, and beautiful, and paying! But since it’s only for the people taking classes…guess who’s job searching? And panicking and worrying about making rent come rent time? I have a month, but EVERYONE is looking for jobs, and I’m terrified of not finding one. I’m tied to this lease until the end of May. That means I’m responsible for half of it until the end of May.

So..yeah. I’m in a tough spot. **sigh** And I don’t know what to do, except to keep on trying. Wish me luck! And if anyone happens to know of any employment opportunities that I can either do remotely, or of any job opportunities in southern New Hampshire (can’t specify the town, sorry, there ARE loonies on the interwebz…) please let me know. Please. I will be forever grateful.