Welcome to the first WTF Wednesday!

This is the  first of a (hopefully) weekly feature where I post completely WTF things I’ve come across in the past week.

First up, this crazy old ad!

Silly Racist Ad
Wow. The ad is so big that, luckily, my layout will only show the first column, which is what I wanted to point out. Too lazy for resizing. Yoinked from vintage_ads .

Next, anti-drug WTF…


“His family and the British government had asked Chinese leaders for clemency. His supporters argued that Shaikh was mentally ill, and that Chinese officials did not take his mental condition into account when trying him. Shaikh’s advocates say he suffered from a bipolar disorder and that he was tricked into carrying heroin into China with promises of a career as a pop singer.”

tl,dr: Mentally “ill” person executed for smuggling drugs into China, was convinced he’d be a pop star if he did so, British try to get him clemency, point out mental illness, guy gets executed anyways **sigh** Fuck people even getting arrested for shit like that, nevermind MURDERED.

I-have-no-idea-what-this-is WTF

Not Safe For School/Work/Public/Life

A friend of mine sent me this link with the comment “CANNOT UNSEE!!!!” Why I then thought it would be a good idea to click on the link, I will never know, and forever regret. CANNOT UNSEE

Religious WTF: Christian Side Hug

Embedded below is the “Christian Side Hug”….I can’t explain, just watch…

Gimme that Christian side hug! (WHAT!) That Christian side hug!
…Seriously tho? Wtf? Front hugs cause impure thoughts? I guess I’ve had impure thoughts about pretty much all of my friends, because I “front hug” almost all my friends…
Also, FAIL on bringing politics into it. Since when does being a Christian mean belonging to a certain party? Or even belonging to a party at all. FAIL.
Also, it fails for being lame. FAIL.

And with that, I end the first WTF-Wednesday. ^_^