So, I was originally going to have my first post be about something else, but my little sister relayed to me a hilarious story that I couldn’t help but share.

DISCLAIMER: I wasn’t actually present when this event took place. I was away at school. This is the story as I understand it from being told by my sister

So, one night, a friend of my sisters’ stayed over. As is likely to happen during sleepovers with friends, they stayed up late that night. At one point, one of my sisters (I’ll call her L, from here on out) said to my sister and their friend (E and K, respectively) that she wanted to take a walk, and asked if they wanted to come with her. The time was 3 AM, but it’s a safe area of a safe town with very little crime, so they didn’t think it’d be a big deal. L was over 18, and E and K were teenagers. Obviously not helpless little children.

Then, some silly stuff went down. My comments are in the (parenthesis).

As they were walking down the road, a cop car pulls up next to them. Asks them what they’re doing out so late. (Am I being detained officer?) They reply taking a walk. He told them they shouldn’t be out, and there were lots of creepers about. (Okay, creepy much? I’d run away screaming, thinking he was a creeper…CREEPER!!!!) He forced my sisters to call our mom (REFUSE!!! REFUSE!!!), and insisted on driving them home.

Because taking a walk in the early morning is somehow against the law?  Or even of dubious legality?

This annoys the hell out of me. Really now, he had nothing better to do than bother my sisters? It might be a pretty safe town, but there are sometimes some minor crimes going on in the less safe areas. Couldn’t he go investigate those instead of bothering my little sisters?  I mean, it’s not like there were kids walking down the street. It was fairly obvious that they were old enough to be trusted to go on a walk, especially in a safe area of a safe town. And then the insisting on driving them home bit…honestly? Even the one who was over 18, and so therefore, legally an adult? Seriously? Fuck that shit…

If I had a say in the matter, I’d remove my funding from that police station. Oh, wait, I don’t have a say, money gets taken from my paychecks forcibly and is given without my consent to them…

But yeah. I’d give almost anything to see my sisters scream “Creeper!!!!!!!!!!!” at him and run away…**giggle**